JG Weekly Update | 05-20-2022

Happy Friday! :tada:

Passing by with our quick weekly update and hoping this message finds you very well. :slight_smile:

The newest news is that we’re currently redesigning our Playground area! It’s a big project, but we’ll solve some issues raised here in the Community. For example, access to extracurricular lessons that were before in the “Playground” class but are no longer findable on the website! Justin’s also creating more content, and we’ll even have a podcast. :slight_smile: Very exciting stuff!

Our Chord Library has received a few more UX improvements, like the back arrow to help navigate between chords and the main page. Also, you can now set up to only display left-hand chords in your dashboard Favorites. Just go to your Dashboard/Favorites, and off you go! More left-hand chords are coming soon.

Community-related, we’re working to solve a bug that keeps us from creating new threads when releasing a new lesson. With it, we’ll also update our main banner.

And… here’s our Friday meme! Wonderwall made its way to the Jedi council. :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:
Fanny & Team


Thanks as always @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team Fanny.

This is great news. It has been a puzzling nuisance for a while that issue. Once fixed, I will have to spend some time tidying up the loose topics that were created because no lesson specific topic was generated.

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They’ve created more problems than they solves. The whole Playground area is now lost unless you type playground in the search. I’m not talking about the Playground in the main Menu. I’m talking about all the videos under the Category Playground Like Captains Privates and other 20 or so sections
Why don’t the web gurus just put a Playground link in the Playground Main Menu drop down window? Problem solved.

Wow, been here almost a year and a half and didn’t know this “Playground “ existed!

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Josh refer to Stitch’s post. That is exactly why you cant find it. Folks who don’t know about it stay blind. Folks that do, have to go looking. It should be a simple fix.

And I am sure Rick meant DONT. It aint rocket science. NB Fanny, not shooting the messenger, just the coders. :sunglasses:

Thank you Toby. I’ll fix the typo. There is a whole generation of new Justin Guitar students that are missing so of the best lessons and it could be fixed in 5 minutes.

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I would agree. There is a link to the playground at the bottom of the webpages but would be more prominent in the main menu.


My understanding of it (and I am not involved in the web dev whatever, nor do I understand what they do haha) is that this is a legacy issue, a carry over from when the new website was released, one which had not made it to the top of the priority lists yet.
I do recall a discussion around it at a JG team meeting some months back. I also take Fanny’s announcement to mean that work is now happening or about to happen to sort it out and improve it. What you see now is not what will stay. I believe that is the case. Perhaps @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team or @larynejg could confirm / clarify / add a little detail.

For anyone unsure what is being referred to …

At the top of the main web page you see these menu options:

Clicking on Playground opens up these:

Rewind to the top of the main web page again …

Clicking on Courses open up:

Then clicking either Leeson Map or All Lessons and scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the new page shows:

There is a section called Playground there also:

There are 22 sub-sections within the Videos. About Justin and Workshops are what they sound like. Community brings you to here.


Thanks for the regular updates, Fanny.

I said it before but can never over-show appreciation … taking the time to share this and give the Community an insight into what is being worked on, is priceless.

And this is such a great example, I recall the thread where we began to pick up on this, raised the issue, and good news that it is now getting attention. I am confident that Babs (our UX/UI designer) will provide a user friendly resolution.


Hey guys!

Sorry about the confusion here. As @Richard_close2u mentioned, what you see now is NOT how the Playground will be on the menu. These are actually the issues that we are working on!

The new Playground and website’s menu and footer will make up for the current hassles, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re live. :slight_smile:


A good reminder that there are gobs of great content in the website. I should explore more!

Lately, although I have too many things I want to do already, every time I see something interesting on the internet about guitar learning, I then look on the Justin Guitar website. He usually has a lesson and I mark it for future use.

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This is very good news as the Playground section has a lot of interesting content, my favourite being the Food for Thought section (it’s a pity there hasn’t been new content there for about a year now).