JG Weekly Update | 05-27-2022

Greetings, Community! :wave:

I hope you are all doing great! We’re back with yet another weekly update. :slight_smile:

Our team would like to emphasize that while we can’t work on all updates and bugs at the same time, nothing gets forgotten, and we make sure to consider all your feedback!

We’ve been adjusting our backend environment. Not to get too technical, but we’re currently reviewing and fixing some coding issues that make our development speed slower than it should be. But great changes are coming, and they’ll make updates and bugs easier to fix in the future.

We hear you and all your feedback. But please be assured that all the team works hard to make your website experience even more enjoyable. :blue_heart:

Now, on a lighter note - here’s your weekly guitar meme! Who else has Stringbreakaphobia?

We love hearing from you, so if you have some feedback, please leave a reply or send us an email at hello@justinguitar.com. :slight_smile:

Fanny & Team


Thanks @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team , even a brief update is a valuable and welcome addition to keep the community apprised of developments and the behind-the-scenes work.

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Thank you for the update! As a programmer, I know the importance of the work behind the scenes, so good luck with it :+1:.

It’s funny you posted that meme, because I have to change my strings tomorrow :cold_sweat:



Where your safety glasses Edgar!


Thanks for update, Fanny.

I am a fan of transparency. At work we even talk about teams developing a culture of ‘radical transparency’. It’s also principle of the agile method, Scrum … best I stop, this is a music site, not a software development :rofl:

As for the meme …

I perhaps … probably … don’t change strings often enough. Maybe that is laziness, maybe a budget thing, but also I am not a lover of the bright sound of new strings, I like the darker, warmer sound of my somewhat well-played strings. Yeah, some may call the same dull and lifeless, anyhooo

I get a bad case of tuner mistrust when I start tuning up, that somehow the tuner is not telling me the truth, and well it is perhaps an embarrassing confession, my ears are not so well calibrated to hear it.

So I have had a moment when the tuner battery was just the wrong side of needing to be replaced, working but not working properly, and my mistrust plus my sense of the tension on the string was starting to redline, and I gave the tuner just one small turn too many … twang. Lesson learned, when you think the battery is running flat, change it. Not too costly as I was able to source a suitable single string to complete the re-string and have a second guitar so lost no play time.

OK enough of my waffle …

Thanks again, Fanny!


And this is I why I’m telling my girlfriend is about time to have a second guitar :grin:


I am on the same boat as David, until they don’t snap while playing I will just keep them for as long. I like the sound of new strings sure but not as much to go through the paranoia of broken string snapping into my eye :rofl: