JG Weekly Update | 07-08-202

Hey, Community! :wave:

Fanny here, and I hope this weekly update finds you well.

Our July Newsletter is out :raised_hands: And there’s loads of tasty stuff to digest! If you haven’t read it already, check it out here.

We’ve got a winner for the Guitarist Defined Challenge held months ago! Big thanks to Patricia for inspiring our newest merch collection. We received loads of awesome definitions, but Patricia - you nailed it with this funny pun. Check out the latest collection! :slightly_smiling_face:

A reminder that the Ibanez giveaway closes July 10th! Yes - new subscribers can enter. :slight_smile: Just download the app, and subscribe (even for the free trial!), and a popup message should show up for PRO subscribers to enter the draw.

Also, we understand some users’ frustration from songs being removed from the App, and we apologize. We’re on it and trying our best to make things right. If you need extra support or information, don’t hesitate to contact Musopia’s support team at justin.feedback@musopia.net, or leave your feedback here.

I’ll leave you with our weekly meme. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: Hope you all have an amazing week wherever you are!

Fanny & Team


Thanks as ever Fanny.
That winning definition is cracking good!

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I subscribed in the app but never saw a chance to enter the drawing. Where can I find it?

Thanks for the update, Fanny.

Love the winning entry to the definition contest.

:+1: sharing the link to the Newsletter. Take note on that page, folks, and subscribe if you’d like to receive it directly in your email.

:+1: :+1: the meme

Hope to see you in the OM later

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As far as I recall David, no one has asked for seats?:thinking:


Hello @stELhombre

The notifications published here and on other platforms have mentioned that you should see a pop-up appear on the App screen. It only happens once I believe and is a question of catch it when you see it.
I’m not an App user so haven’t seen it myself to describe the process fully.

Hey there :slight_smile: check your private messages!