JG Weekly Update | 07-15-2022

Hey, Community!
How are you all doing?

All is good here! We’ve just released the new layout for our Playground section, but the team’s still working on its content. More about that soon. :slight_smile:

Also - we now have left-handed chord diagrams for all chords in the Chord Library! Justin’s adding more chords to it early next year! :dart:

Ah, and as some of you requested, we now have the Punk genre as a filter on the website. A question, tho… is Blink 182 a punk band? haha!

Now, here’s our meme of the week. :v:

Hope you all have a lovely week and have some time to rock out on your guitars! Cheers,
Fanny & team :slight_smile:


That will open a whole can of worm for us oldies who saw Punk die around 1980 and then hijacked by wannabes. Ooops make that two cans :wink:


Never heard of this band until I came across it in a JG lesson!!

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I hope you’ve joined the Darkside and been Up All Night practising All The Small Things for module 12 and got the song Down and never got Bored To Death practising it over and over again.


Thanks for the update @Fanny_JustinGuitar_Team

When I was a wee lad aged 12-13 I used to take the bus to Middlesbrough and spend my pocket money on whatever 7" and 12" punk records I could find. Some were pressed in lurid coloured vinyl, others ihoused n cool or controversial looking covers.
I bought records by The Stranglers, The Clash, The Ramones, Richard Hell and the Voidoids and, of course, The Sex Pistols. The eye-catching cover of Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols caught my eye. I played that album over and over. I had my hair spikey, cut holes in my t-shirts and daubed slogans across them and (ouch) stuck a safety pin through my ear.


I really hope you don’t have any photos of that time not sure it would help your image or it might actually enhance it.
Michael :+1:

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Bondage pants or tartan ? Those were the proper days of Punk even for this mature 21yr old in 77. The rest are charlatans but the Ataris were good. :rofl:



Perhaps a revisit to the past in the next OM, complete with hairstyle and garb? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Richard_close2u please may we have a photo?

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Thanks for the update, Fanny. Three cheers to the team, a productive month making enhancements and additions to the website to the benefit of all.

I especially like the addition of the punk filter. That was done based on a Community suggestion. So folks, keep suggestions coming. The team take notice and some of them will get implemented. If not remember we have limited capacity and lots of things to do.

I also love the addition of the left-hand chord boxes. Many left-handed players have mentioned the challenges presented by learning with resources geared to right-handed players. Full marks to the team for taking this seriously and supporting our left-handed learners.

The meme was great … now I know I am dialled into micrtones to make solos my own. Kind of fits given my infamous tendency to make vocal melodies my own.

Now back to the punk vibe flowing through this update :thinking: maybe I should nurture a more punk ethos in my playing … worry more about energy and attitude and less about technical perfections … or am I being unkind to the punks of the day.

As for you @Richard_close2u I too would love to see some pics of Richard the Punk. And must tip my hat at you for going all in with the safety pin ear-ring. I confess that the naff side of me, that part that steadfastly avoids anything that may cause pain if at all possible (playing rugby being a notable exception), never succumbed to the desire to pierce the left ear as a first year varsity student.

Now my reply is more verbose the the OP of the Topic … best I hit Reply

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No photos folks.
Only memories.


Punk passed me by completely. Never saw the attraction. I was (am) more of a prog. fan.

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Yes it passed me by as well, guess I was too old by then when it was at its height to get involved.
The rebellious groups in my time where skinheads, it is hard to think that Slade portrayed themselves as that and look what they turned into.