JG Weekly Update 07-22-2022

Hey, Community! How are you all doing this week? Big plans for the weekend?

Loads of heat waves everywhere, eh? Hope ya’ll are enjoying the sun but staying safe and hydrated!

Not a lot to report this week, actually. The team is still working on our Playground section, but no new dev work this week! Our developer Kris and our designer Babs are on vacation, and our dev Mike has stopped working with us. :frowning:

Mike has a full-time job and no longer could find time to fit some extra JustinGuitar hours in his schedule. We’re very thankful for everything Mike brought to the team!

And on that note … I’m also saying goodbye to the JustinGuitar team. It’s been an incredible year working here, and I have so much love for everyone involved. From the team to Justin’s mission to this incredible Community, it’s all been wonderful! New adventures await me—but my year working here is one I’ll always cherish. :blue_heart: :guitar:

I’ll still see you next week, but Laryne will take over these weekly updates from August. Keep an eye out for new lessons and announcements. Loads of cool stuff cooking up!

Fanny & Team


Hello Fanny,

A big thank you (and Chris) for all the hard work you have put into JustinGuitar and the Community. Wish you both all the best for the future. Feel free continue to hang about here though as a member of the community. After all we have still to see a recording of you performing with your dad’s band.


Thanks for all the good work Fanny, keeping us informed. Best of luck for the future,


Was great having you here Fanny, hopefully future brings something even more exciting to you! And hopefully you will share a video one day! All the best


Thanks Fanny for all the updates! definitely a major improvement in keeping the community updated! Good luck with the future.


Fanny, it has been a whilwind year and you have held so much together. What sterling work you have done. Mike too has given so much.
Thank you, as always, for the update. Thank you for so much more too. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the update, Fanny.

Was good getting to meet you in our team meetings and wish you well in your next adventure.

And maybe there’ll be some time for music, you can learn some guitar, and still hang out here in the Community.

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Thank you and all the best on your journey Fanny!

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Hi Fanny,
Thank you, and you will be missed. Too bad we didn’t see a musical performance from you, , but you know where to find us when you’re see “the Light” :grin: :blush:…maybe see you in another situation, I wish you all the best… :microphone: :guitar: :bouquet:

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