JGC App Unstable on Samsung Phone

Bit of a weird one this but brought up the Community app on my Samsung A22 phone this morning and I am just getting a white screen alternating with my landing page, Literally just toggling between the two.

Did a restart and Power Off/On but no change.

OK on PC Win 10 Chrome and also on my Galaxy A6 tablet.

Thought I would flag it up in case others are getting this.

I’ll reinstall the JGC app later and see if that clears it.


No worries Toby, it’s not you. :slight_smile: This issue has been addressed in this thread.

You won’t be able to do it from the hamburger menu on your phone since the screen keeps reloading, but you can enter any JG Community url in your Android/iOS browser and change the mobile_view parameter from ‘?mobile_view=1’ to ‘?mobile_view=0’.

This forces mobile view off:


And this would force mobile view back on:


Thanks Jeff I had not seen that as I’d not gone through the latest post on the PC. Will try Joshua’s route first and keep your suggestion as a back stop. :+1:

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Thx Jeff, had to use this as the link from the main site did the same.

Anyway have now reloaded the app and have the logo back ( @brianlarsen ) and its no longer the white blob !! See how long that lasts !


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