Scheduled Downtime at (March 21, 2023, from 13:00 GMT)

UPDATE: The website is now (20:30 GMT) mostly functional, but you might encounter issues with your Dashboard information, icons, and other small issues. Our team is working hard to complete our server migration! Thanks for your understanding.


Is that the same for Community? Does it actually mean I will have to work instead of hanging around here?! :scream::rofl:


The forums are part of (Check out the address in your web browser.)

That will be UTC - 5 Zone wise if you need a nudge to your local TZ.

@larynejg Thanks for letting us know, Laryne

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Are you serious? :exploding_head: :rofl:

app too?

The app and the Community will not be affected by the downtime! :slight_smile:

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My employer would like to officially thank you Laryne, you just saved them from me messing something up by keeping Community running :rofl: where should they send an invoice to? :laughing:

Fyi @Goffik :wink:

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Dang, I was hoping it would keep me from having to practice OMC! But I’ll be asleep at 6 am EDT!

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No gettin out of it Rebecca… if the websites down when ya practice get out your stopwatch and a piece of paper :stuck_out_tongue:

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Remember IT guys the site goes UP UP UP DOWN UP UP UP DOWN UP DOWN UP DOWN


I actually dread doing them, lol. I hate when my numbers go down some days! :rofl:

Here in the UK, I have logged in and out of the site at GMT 15.45 but all of my lesson progress and my practice routines have been lost - just as though I am a brand new new user. What an ‘improvement’ that was? ARGH!

Hi Dave, @Dave_Starr
Welcome here,
And let’s wait a moment before they are really done with everything, it also said about ready approximately after 1 hour …I think (hope and know) they are just busy making it beautiful soon again… :sunglasses:

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I’m sure it’s just going to take a little time to get it sorted, I still have a message at the top of the screen saying they are undergoing maintenance. So, apparently, it’s taking longer than an hour. oops. :upside_down_face:

From Justin recently


Where are we migrating to? Someplace warmer than Antarctica I hope. :rofl:

Seems like Nitsuj has been put in charge of IT and everything’s gone backwards…

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My stats are all back. I think we’re good to go?