JGC Open Mic XXII / 22 Call For Interest

Audience seat please, Toby :slight_smile: NZDT (UTC + 13)
Happy to help again too if needed, although I have some stuff going on around then which may interfere so there is an outside chance I’ll be unavailable. But assume I’ll be there for now and I’ll update you if that changes :wink:

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Hey Toby, I will he happy to play but how does a performance come across when using only an iPhone ?I will be in a hotel room in Belize that day and probably not have my laptop.I recall a gent playing at the august OM outside near a beach as a storm approached and that sounded fine.
on the bright side i can put together 1-2 light hearted, island styled originals if theres room.
please advise.

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OK first sweep boy its filling up fast !!

Audience confirmations first, due to the 10 tag limit. Seats booked for :


Thanks for the support :sunglasses:


And into the Performer Pot goes :


To be continued …

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Just a couple of queries.

Luka UTC wise are you still in the UK or have you gone walk about yet ? :rofl:
Jeremy for some reason I had you down as UTC at the last OM but think you should be + 1 Spain ?

Dan for starters I think Belize would be UTC - 6. As for just using an iPhone, this has been done before (I think) and its a matter of getting the gtr/vox balance right with positioning the phone at the right height. I would suggest, pending confirmation of who gets selected to play, try experimenting and setting a Zoom Meeting test (you can do this on your own). Record the session in Zoom and adjust the set up as required.


Yessir. That’s correct. I am UTC +1 (for some weird reason, Spain works on CET and not really where it should be, anyway a “mystery” of history. . .)

Thanks Toby!!

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Please add me to the audience list, Toby (UTC+2)

I am playing again. My thinking is to blow out the cobwebs and when the time comes resume with some lower pressure AVOYPs. Then I’ll consider a return to live performance.

Meanwhile my original song project is approaching the final lap of what became a 10000m race :grin:


Well I guess being in Europe may be a factor ! :rofl:

Glad to hear that David and a sensible plan to ease into things. Always more OMs down the road.
I’ve a handful of oven readys but as usual will bide my time and see how the applications roll in.
Looking forward to that original btw.


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I suggest rewatching OM1 where I performed, it was back in a day without fancy microphones :grinning: you just need to set up original sound and you are good to go. And position the mic well as Toby suggested

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I have one or two of those but they always take longer to cook then I expected.


Audience please Toby. UTC-8

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Audience please Toby UTC, thanks.

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Colin not sure what you mean, we’ve not maxed out yet. Patience grasshopper.

Audience for me please Toby, UTC +0.

Thank you.

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Thanks, but decision now made.
Haven’t done any recording myself since late 2020. Time I gave this some focus: learning songs has become all too time consuming for me.
Besides, it’s a good opportunity to figure out how to setup and use Reaper & OBS.

So, an audience seat please for OM XXII.

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Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
A seat in the audience this time please.
Looking at my weekend commitments and I am hopeful of May or July to make my debut on the OM.


Audience please. -6

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Can I have an audience seat ?

Thanks in advance

Jean Tondeur from Belgium

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Jean your email is not necessary, comunication will be by the Community Direct Messaging.
I would recommend you edit your post and remove the email address. :sunglasses:

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