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Hi, looking for advice on how to play this like Justin does on the intro… it’s billed as a grade 1 song but last year was way beyond my capabilities with the f chord and alternating base… 1 year later and I am trying again but I just can’t get it to sound right… my chords ring out so much more than Justin; is there some muting going on, is he only playing the thicker strings? Any suggestions or advice would be really appreciated…tia…

Hi David from what I see he plays it normally with smacking either A string or low E string before a full strum plus some embellishments in the intro which IMO are way beyond G1 level of playing. He doesn’t mute there constantly only on and off here, occassionally really. Just play chords and make sure you play all the strings relevant to the chords and don’t play those you shouldn’t based on previous lessons. Sound effect in Justin’s video might be because he is recording it to his pc, whereas you hear your guitar live close to your ear - those will always sound a bit different. I wish you luck with this one!

Thanks… I’ve a long way to go as still sounding nothing like it but I’ll keep plugging away… if I get close I’ll maybe post as my first recording… still hugely lacking in confidence for that. Thanks again for taking the time to answer…

@davidmwatson At the very start of the lesson this caption is shown.
This song, as with so many song lessons Justin provides, has scope to play a simplified version accessible to beginners and for more intermediate / advanced players to bring extra technique and playing challenge.
Play what you can when you can and have fun with it.
I hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

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Thanks Richard, am very aware of the different levels but I really like how Justin plays the song in the intro and I am trying to stretch myself and learn different things rather than stay in my comfort zone… it’s getting better but a long way to go yet.
By trying this, my f barre is getting better, I can hit the right bass note (sometimes), etc.
My original question stemmed from the fact that my chords seem to ring out so much more than Justin’s and it doesn’t (yet) sound as clean… I wondered whether something else was going on… thanks for helping out…

I had problem With cords ringing out and I could not stand it. What helped me a little was to make sure I removed all my fingers from the strings in between chords especially anchor fingers. It was not easy at first it was just another thing for me to try to remember but I kept at it and it became more natural.
I would recommend doing a video now. So when you get closer to Christmas you have something to compare to and see your improvements.

Hi @davidmwatson, I had a look at the demo. To my ears, he’s definitely doing some palm muting on the bass strings. But, it’s not very precise, you can see he’s playing it sort of loosey-goosey: the muting effect is stronger at some times than others. (In particular, when he does the hammer-ons, he’s not muting). I’m also hearing some percussive hits when he strums the treble strings (beats 2 and 4), again not every time.

A lot going on in that strumming, but if you can master it, it sounds great. Good luck!

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Hello, I’ m starting learning this one today and like @jjw1 I hear some percussive hits and palm muting in Justin’s demo. Justin always says that our brain can focus on only one aspect while learning…so if you’re focusing on alternating the bass my advice would be leave the muting for next year…I can’t do it either and I know it sounds different…maybe you can try to do the downstrum less loud? If you’re using an amp you can set the bass on higher volume.
I don’t use a pick and my instictive solution has been to play the bass notes with thumb and on beat 2 and 4 I do a gentle upstroke with index on the thinnest strings (I wouldn’t say it works with the pick :thinking:)…it sounds different but seems to work well :sweat_smile: Such a fun song to practice :blush::heart_eyes:

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