JK’s rock songbook thread (Should I Stay or Should I Go added 17th October)

Man, what a groove. Really well played JK and that guitar tone… schweeet.

Have you have a crack at the solo?

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Thx Stefan! I don’t think I’ll tackle the solo, it would take me ageeeeees to learn :grinning:

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Awww now come on, JK, that’s just not on mate! :angry:
I came here to give you a good old roasting on all the multitude of technical errors and horrendous tone in your performance, but there’s nothing for me comment on! WTF?! :man_shrugging: :confounded: :wink: :rofl:
No wait… hold on!! 1m36s the hit on the A (12th fret, 5th string) not 100% clean… Tidy that up will ya! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:
Nah, in all seriousness mate, that was killer! :metal::smiley:
Really impressive playing, I have (of course! :laughing:) tried this myself and it’s certainly not straightforward and I’m sure I got nowhere near the level of proficiency you have with this. Nothing obvious to me to offer advice on really… but I’ll try! :joy:
Thought you did a great job on muting, although if I was super picky it seemed a little deliberate at times, rather than flowing as a natural part of your playing? :thinking:
Regarding tone, I listened to yours and the original. You’ve played down your efforts above, but don’t be so modest, your ear is good, I found it to be quite close, perhaps a touch more treble/presence in yours, at least to me, but otherwise very similar. Nice job!
As a side note, I was interested to see you mention a new recording setup. Does that include lighting (given the comment on being too dark)? I am thinking about upping my game there. Have only just started researching some options, so if that’s something you have considered also and have any recommendations, I’d love to hear.
Great share mate, glad you didn’t shelve this one, love the song and thoroughly enjoyed your cover. Well done again :clap: :sunglasses:

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lol :rofl:. Hey Jeff! I’d noticed your forum had been somewhat reduced recently, so I’m glad you stopped by to check out my vid :grinning:

You picked up the dirty bits! Oh there were a few more… with a song like this it’s hard to know when to stop practicing, I’ll never play it like Clapton, and how long had he been playing when he recorded this? A lot longer than I have, for sure.

The muting, especially during the main riffs, yeah, definitely not entirely a natural flow. I’m too focused on not trying to have unwanted strings ring out while doing it.

I’m glad you like the tone. It really is a bit hit and miss for me at times, the original tone I dialled in didn’t sound right, but you know, a bit of tweaking, and you get close enough :wink:.

Recording setup changes. I got a new camera. I wanted to make my recordings look better. Previously I was using my iPhone for videos, and my logitech webcam for the OMs and occasional quick vid. I was finding using the phone a pain and the webcam was hard to position right and VERY grainy in low light.

I got a Canon R50, it’s their bottom of the range mirrorless camera. But you can plug it in to the computer and it operates as a webcam. Only 1080p that way though, but it’s got the good lens and sensor, etc. I also recorded in OBS this time instead of on camera & then attaching the audio. Audio was via Reaper → OBS.

I had the camera in its default video setting and I think the auto exposure didn’t set the exposure right. You can actually see at the end of the video as it gets brighter, the camera adjusting the exposure. So I’m still figuring out how to use it properly :grinning:.

I was just using my desk lamp for lighting, I do have a ring light but didn’t pull it out for this one.

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What a little treasure trove here @jkahn !! I just listened to Sunshine of your love, but man, awesome tone!! Sounds just like the record!!

Keep up the good work. I’ll stop back in this thread tonight to check out your others vids. Good job man :+1:

Hi Jk ,
One of those songs for me where the sound makes up at least half of the song … and I thought that was completely fine, and the rest of the playing too :sunglasses: :clap: :sunglasses:… one day I will also work on that sound I think it should go ahead… someday, someday

the way you adjusted the topic title works quite well, it would be even clearer to me if you wrote the song title small and stated the ADD DATE in bold/large, but given how many people clicked on your song… and I do it now I also found that so quickly now that I have sound through my speakers again since this morning, it must actually be good … if you post something and I have not responded after 10 days, you should “call” me :grin:


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What’s your number Rogier?!??!? :rofl: I do get a bit hurt when you don’t respond to my threads immediately. :rofl: :rofl:

The truth is I don’t expect a huge number of views to my videos buried deep in a thread. I am really happy when people watch but don’t want to clutter the forum. When I have something I hope a lot of people look at, I do a separate post :grinning: :wink: And I’m always happy to get your comments.

Thanks for your kudos on the sound and on the playing. And yes I agree this one is a lot about the sound/tone. Although from experience, it’s not just amp tone, it’s also how it’s played. I did not expect that when I started learning this one.

For this bit I DM our friendly mods, because I can’t do it myself :grinning:

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06-1234567 :grin:
Clear explanation :sunglasses:

Stupid, I knew that but forgot again… it was good and clear, and yes the playing must also be absolutely tight and is recognizable when I play it clean, but certainly much more fun if you do it with the right sound :sunglasses:

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This has passed by me unoticed JK.
Saw the last video. The cream song. I have to scroll through this thread and see whatelse i have missed.
But hey, too me this sounds flawless. Is the guitar on this backing track or is it only youre guitar that can be heard?
The tone sounds amazing, you have gone a long way on youre journey. Youre acoustic is top notch, but i think youre shining even brighter on youre electrical guitar. Cant put my finger on it. Maybe it is youre tone that does it for me…

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Hello Jk, that sounded good to my ear and, as you can guess, I didn’t really notice any mistakes! I liked the guitar tone too. You did a very good job on this I think! Cheers :blush:

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I thought you sounded amazing ! Timing and tone were spot on. Great job !!!

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Hey Trond, thanks for checking it out dude. Don’t feel you have to go through the back catalog, there’s a lot there and I’ll keep posting more :smiley:. I’m glad you liked it! And thanks for the compliments.

In the backing track, the only guitar that is not me is the solo. The rest of it is a stripped backing track I bought from karaoke-version.com.

Thanks Silvia, the mistakes are definitely there but if I can hide them in the mix, all the better!

Thanks John! Glad you enjoyed it.

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Really tight recording here JK, super careful playing executed like a champ! Really hard to pick up on anything, so I just won’t and honestly will admit this was a great job!

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WAY late to your thread here but watched the last few AVOYPs you posted JK & have to agree with the others… your playing on the Fender HH Tele has a really cool tone going on!!! Play is solid, timing feels solid & very enjoyable!!!
My only criticism would be that your “Guitar Face” looks angry :angry:! Smile & show that you’re enjoying your Groove!!! If not… that’s cool too, I just think it might be, I dunno, a better feel for your audience.
Rock On, Man!!!
Love it!


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Just to add to my last…

Don’t be -

Be -

Just having a bit of fun!!!

Really though, thanks JK for all your contributions to this community!!! I appreciate you, man!


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Great stuff, JK! I have the same rock songbook. Guess I need to get back to it now that I have my new strat.

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Thanks for the feedback Adrian!

I found this hilarious Tod! I guess I am a grumpy cat rather than an Otis… at least when playing guitar. I’m usually more friendly in real life (although not quite an Otis there either… :rofl:)

A couple of times I’ve tried to control my guitar face a bit better… and then I end up messing up. Maybe I need to put daily guitar face practice in my routine :smile:. Or maybe not, most of the guitar music I listened to growing up was angry… even though my tastes are more chilled out now.

Thanks Tosh. Lots of good songs in the book with new techniques. Worth learning a few.

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I can’t comment on the skill/technique, but that sounded amazing JK :star_struck: I’ve only learned the riff from Grade 1, but I keep practicing it in my daily routine as I hope to learn the rest of the song once I’ve learned the techniques needed for it (power chords, palm muting, etc.).

I love that idea! I’m in Grade 2, and the songs there are much harder and taking much longer for me to learn which got my old unwelcome friends “self-doubt” and “frustration” rearing their ugly heads. So I’m taking your approach and revisiting Grade 1 songs and trying to learn more of those to build up my song repertoire and self-confidence while still working on a single Grade 2 song to keep the challenge level up (not that Grade 1 songs are easy, just easier). It’s made my daily practice more fun again, and I realized that I can apply the new techniques learned in Grade 2 to Grade 1 songs, so I’m doing that (kind of taking a step back to go farther forward approach). I’m currently working on Wonderwall from Grade 2 (stuck chords), and Black by Pearl Jam from Grade 1 (rhythm push strumming technique from Grade 2).

I’ve also ordered Justin’s songbooks (Beginner 1 & 2 as well as the Rock Songbook) from Anderton’s to save on international shipping since I’m visiting London. So thanks for the inspiration, and the “aha” moment :blush:

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Hi ya’ll, grumpy cat here trying to be in a regular recording groove.

Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash

This is the next one from Justin’s guitar songbook. It was just going to be repertoire, but I decided to learn the 5 string barre chord grip Justin shows in the video lesson. That took a bit of practice to get under the fingers. Backing track courtesy of karaoke-version again.


Princess Jasmine decided to photobomb me, I should really learn to prepare more for these. At least there are no short-shorts in this one. :rofl:

All comments welcome, positive and negative.


Spotted this at 5am and decided to bookmark and not play until daylight. Good decision !
What a great way to brighten up a grey morning. Rock solid pretty much throughout and the tone was to die for and sounded great. Keep them coming JK.

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