Joachim from Germany

Hi, new on this Community. I am Joachim, 53 and started with Justins beginner course, now in module 8, stucking at wish you were here riff. Knew some chords before, but had a terrible strumming rhytmic feel… And here Justins tips on strumming helped a lot. started on acoustic, now on a strat and looking forward to play the blues…
Cheers to all


Welcome to the community Joachim

Welcome to the community Joachim!

Welcome @Joastrauss!

Strumming and timing is a tough one. I consider myself rhythmically challenged, and will need to work on it quite a bit. I keep going back to Justin’s strumming CDs (now online). It is a good course. After a year, I have again gone back to practice simple strumming to become more consistent and natural.

Wonderful to see you here Joachim! That’s the way to go with strumming. Take it from the basic beginnings and build on it at a pace that syncs with your mind, body and soul. Rhythm is something you feel, after all. Enjoy it!

Welcome to the community! I have a tough time with strumming as well… it will get there we just have to keep at it.

Welcome to the community Joachim. I’m looking forward to hearing you play your guitars.

Hey Joachim and welcome! :smiley:
I‘m also from Germany! :wave:

Welcome to the Community, Joachim. Follow the lessons, take it slow and steady, and you’ll be playing some blues in Module 13!

Thanks for the warm welcome. I will definitively look into the strumming DVDs…
keep on playing guitar !

Hello and welcome Joachim :slight_smile:

Great to have you here.

Hi and Welcome to the community Joachim :sunglasses:

Hi from Thuringia Joachim,
glad to hear you are making progress and have found your love for the guitar (again) at 53!
Best wishes,