Joe - 62 - not too old, found my passion!

6 months ago this old 62 guy picked up his daughters acoustic guitar the day after my birthday and began something new. For some reason it became an obsession. Never touched a guitar before this but know music theory through alto sax & piano.
Other than a couple days, I have never practiced less than an hour but 8-12 hour days are more frequent than not. Getting through all the obstacles - back pain, shoulder pain, numbness in the wrist, etc.
I found Justin about 4 months in. He is the perfect teacher that gives the specific details, and I am all about the details. Repeating scales, fretboard notes, etc, for hours.
Never too late, just find your passion.


Welcome to the Community, Joe. Wish you well exploring the passion, overcoming obstacles, and hope to hear you play in the future!

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Wow Joe, 8+ hours is definitely a passion! Are you still using your daughter’s guitar, or have you picked up one for yourself?

Welcome Joe and best wishes on your new found passion!

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Hello @vielekids and welcome to the community.
8 hour sessions - wow, you’re giving it 100% dedication and more.


Hello and welcome Joe. :slight_smile:

I hope you enjoy the journey.

Hey Joe (there a song there somewhere) talk about dedication! You’ve definitely got it bad, if you’ve not already it’s time to treat yourself to a nice shiny new guitar! If you’re not sure what to look for just ask the question, you’ll get sound advice! Aches and pains shouldn’t be ignored, you don’t want to risk permanent damage! It could be to do with your position while you’re playing, if you have any doubts or queries just ask.
Good luck for the future, have fun and enjoy (from a happy 70 year old)!

Hey Joe that’s an impressive practice time and should accelerate your learning. And never to old to rock and roll ! :sunglasses:

Welcome! 8 hour sessions is impressive. Your background in music should serve you well. Do you have any genres you like?

That’s awesome. Great stuff. I started 10 years ago at the age of 53 and playing guitar is now lifestyle for me. And it’s such fun

I used the Jasmine I bought my daughter 14 years ago but she lost the desire and it’s been sitting for a few until my younger daughter picked it up a couple years ago and learned 5 or 6 chords and enjoys it infrequently with friends.
About 4 months in I bought a beginners Donner that I’ve been using a couple months now. It must have cheap parts as the frets are wearing down and I get a lot of buzz on a couple frets, particularly the 1st & 2nd strings. Is this normal?

So looking forward to playing music but so into the details of the basics I’m patiently waiting.

Thanks, I like Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, soft jazz, etc. Maybe matches my age.

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Thanks, I recently started a wrist band and it has helped greatly.

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If the learning wasn’t so fun I likely would have given up. Funny but the hours of practice, playing scales up and down for 30 minutes at a time as well as octaves, learning the fretboard, is actually enjoyable. I guess any nice ‘noise’ that I can make is what is so refreshing and I don’t want to stop. Plus, I can already see myself playing well even though I may be a good couple years away from that.
I did learn scales, C, E, A, G & D as my daughter wanted me to learn Joy To The World for Christmas. Have forgotten it already.


The journey seems to be the best part. I guess that’s why I can practice for hours. I see it as playing. No different as a well seasoned player can play for hours, practicing or playing songs, it’s all music in either case to me.

Thanks and loving the whole process. Only God knows why this passion didn’t start earlier, like 50 years earlier, but it’s here and I’m rushing to get many years of practice in a shorter time frame, if that makes sense.

The guitar I started with a couple of years ago was a Jasmine. I later bought a Taylor Academy 12e, which I really enjoy, but I still pick up the Jasmine sometimes. I need to put some new strings on it. Actually should do same for the Taylor too.

Did you have a setup done on the Donner when you got it? I think I would get that looked at, seems way too soon for frets to be worn down, no matter how much you are playing. I’d take it to a luthier and get it checked out. Good luck!

It’s probable that it needs the truss rod adjusted, changes in temperature and bedding in can cause the neck to move enough to need adjustments. Donner instruments are pretty decent generally, I’ve got a couple of their Ukuleles (and FX pedals) and they’re ok. It’s not worth spending the cost of a Luthier having it done TBH, you would be better off looking up on YouTube how to adjust the truss rod yourself, it’s not too difficult.
Also it may be time to treat yourself to a better guitar, but bear it in mind that now your in the community you only need to ask advice on what might be your best choice!

I took the Jasmine to a store and had the truss rod adjusted after learning a little about action. Also had them change the strings.
I haven’t heard anything about ‘setup’. I figured I bought a new guitar so other than tuning, it’s ready to go. Is a luthier just a guitar shop or is it a special trade?