Joe's Learning Log

Someone named Peter on the old Justin Guitar forum sent me the sheet music for this back in 2008. (Hi Peter, are you out there?!?!) I just found it so I thought I’d revisit as I never really learned it.

It’s a finger style song called Flower by Masaaki Kishibe. It’s 5 pages of music. This is the first page. I’ll continue to work through it. Maybe one page a week?


A beautiful song, Joe. Not my normal fare but most enjoyable. A page a week of that sounds demanding to me, may it go well. Look forward to updates and the final performance in AVOYP when you have it to your desired performance standard

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That was lovely Joe, interesting to see how this develops.

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Sounded cool to me really mellow and nice :slight_smile:

You might be right. My fingers need to stretch out a bit for some parts and that alone takes more than a week :rofl:

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