John from Boston

More specifically Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, MA USA (and of course Earth)

I have a vague recollection of taking lessons for a few months many years ago (around the time when music transitioned from Vinal/8-track to cassets) but don’t remember much from that other than I think I learned Rocky Raccoon. Based on what I know now, I bet it was a high action disaster of a entry level acoustic.

Always wanted to pick it up again, and at the end of 2019 I decided to get myself a guitar. Under the assumption that I would stick with it if I spent a bit of money money I went for a class above the bare bones Entry level with a proper set-up. I was gladly obsessed with my new hobby. This was just before pandemic lockdown but i’m still at it, and only slightly less obsessed.

I’ve been a frequent viewer of JustinGuitar song lesson videos and now I’m thinking of going all in on the full lesson program.

Me and a co-worker who also plays had been exchanging practice recordings (MP3s) but I’ve been slacking off on that. Hope to get up the nerve to do an open mic performance as a next step.


Go Pats and welcome to the forum!

Welcome yo yhe community John

Hi John, a very warm welcome to the forum.

Hi John, good to have you taking an active interest in the forums. I had the chance to visit Boston (I’m from Australia) back in 2016 and enjoyed my time there. I’ve been playing for 10 years after trying a similar experience to yours with a high action cheap guitar many years ago. It’s much better having a good setup. I did my first open mic after about 11 months of playing and it was both nerve wracking and a lot of fun. Each open mic is a learning experience and I fit them in whenever I can now.

Welcome fellow earthling :alien:

A better guitar is a great way of helping the commitment stick. Yeah go all in on the full lesson program, there’s so much you’ll get out of it.

Sharing recordings is a good way to mark progress. We have a section just for that if you’re keen.

Welcome John! I think investing a bit more in the guitar pays off in the long run. The better guitars are built to last and they sound wayyyy better too which will keep you playing!

Hello John, and welcome! Good to see you come aboard :blush:

I would say absolutely give it a go and follow the lessons from the beginning. Game changer. I am new here, and to the guitar, but I’ve tried other avenues to learn before (my guitar stood on the corner for about a decade collecting dust, until about 3 months ago)…none matched the way that these lessons speak to me.

Keep on playing, and follow those lessons :metal:

Hello and welcome John. :slight_smile:

Great to have you here.

Just catching up on Intro posts I have missed and just wanted to say hello and welcome. :sunglasses:

Welcome, John. If you haven’t seen it perhaps you might like to join our Community Open Mic (#community-open-mic-events) and you can always share those practice recordings here: #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing

Thanks Toby and David,
I took the plunge on for the Feb open mic. (i think i am showing with my old username nhoj)
When i first signed on, which was around the time of the lefty nitsuJ videos went with the first user name i thought of. Now i plan to be par of the community in some way so i thought it wold be ‘Better’ give myself a proper username.


Thats great, John. My memory can be dodgy so have just forgotten reading that you signed up. Look forward to meeting you then!

Please come to Boston for the springtime…

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Hey John, I’m just down the road from you in Northern Rhode Island. I started about the same time as you did, late 2019. I got detoured for about a year and pretty much started over about 6 weeks ago. You will definitely not regret jumping into Justin’s program. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you for OM and AVOYP!