John from Chicago

Hi, John from Chicago


Welcome to the forum John

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Hey John, welcome to the forum. What sort of guitar do you play?

Welcome to the Community, John.

How long have you been a student of Justin?

Hello John, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:. It’s a wonderful place to start or continue your guitar journey :grinning:.

Welcome John.

Hello John and welcome :smiley:

Welcome. I am originally from the Chicago area. I don’t miss Illinois, but I miss the blues clubs downtown.

Welcome, John! I hope you enjoy your time here, I think you came to the right place

Welcome John, pleased to see another new face here!

Where abouts are you in your journey with the best instrument in the world?

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Hi John, welcome to JustinGuitar and the community.
You may be in with a shout for shortest introduction post haha :wink:
You’ve come to a great place for support, help, encouragement and friendship alongside Justin’s beginner courses and lessons.

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Hi John,
Welcome,and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Hello and welcome to our community John. :slight_smile:

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Hi Tony. I’m playing an Epiphone Modern. It’s a great guitar.

Hi Mark. I’m actually in the northwest suburbs. I avoid the city. Way to much crime now. And I can’t stand Illinois. Lol

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Hi David. I’ve only been a student of Justin for a couple of weeks now. I really enjoy his teaching style.

Hi Richard. It was a pretty short into I guess. Lol. I played years ago (35yrs). I stopped when life got busy with kids and such. I still have my guitars from way back, but I decided to get a new Epiphone Modern. I’m retired now, but I’m living with my daughter and son in law and my grandkids. I help out a lot with them so it can be difficult at times to find practice time. Now that I found Justin, I’m trying to dedicate time to practice as much as possible. He’s a great teacher. Kind of starting from the beginning just to refresh myself and I’m learning things I didn’t know about all those years ago.


You have a ‘vintage’ collection?

Sounds good! :slight_smile:

They’re not vintage I guess. I have a mid 70’s Gibson L6S electric, and a Washburn acoustic. Got the Gibson as a wedding present in 1979 from my bride, and I got the Washburn a couple years later.

Good stuff, my daily play is an Epiphone EF500