John from Tennessee

My name is John. I live in Tennessee. I am completely new to the guitar. It was something I always wanted to learn and just never took the time. Decided now was the time so I went to a local music shop and picked up a Yamaha FG800 and started the Justin Guitar app on December 30th. I always had an interest in learning but I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy it. I’m not good enough to even claim I can “play” the guitar and it has already begun to change my everyday life. I cant get enough. Sure wish I would of started years ago.


Welcome, John. I too, am new to the guitar and to this forum. I look forward to learning from Justin and joining you on this journey.

Welcome the community John

That’s a really good guitar to start with, John. Glad you are off to an exciting start!

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Hey John,
You’ve started at the beginning of a great ride. This is a great spot to ask any questions, or to voice your frustrations. The fingers will stop hurting, and when you think you’re not making progress you’ll have a break through. If you don’t believe me, record yourself each week same song. It’ll suprise you. Wish I could say it was my idea, but I learned it here a while ago.

Welcome to the Community, John. Many, many of us wish we’d started earlier and had JustinGuitar as our teacher, but such is life. Now you’ve started you can enjoy the adventure.

I’ve not learned from or used the App. So take this suggestion from whence it comes. Perhaps a good idea to also work through the Beginner Grade lessons on the website. I’ve no idea how aligned to the App the website modules and lessons are. Maybe somebody who has experience of both can chip in, one way or another.

You’re so very welcome here John. I love the way you’ve started out. Long may you continue :smiley:

Hello John and welcome. :slight_smile:

You’re in good company as I think there are many on here who wished they’d started years ago, me being one of them.

Hello John, welcome here!

As one who plays for over 15 years now I could give you the following advice/thought on your regret not having started earlier:
It is waaaaay more important to make the most out of your practice time now as you have that passion to learn to play now.
Following Justin’s advice on practice schedules (Module 1 Practice Schedule | and timeboxing as well as what to practice as you developed a foundation later in the course really is key to spend your “remaining” :slight_smile: time efficiently.

That said, enjoying the instrument and exploring it your own way (additionally to the mentioned structured practice) is a super important element for the long term identification with it as well.

Glad to have you here,

Welcome, John; we’re glad you’re here.

Hi John. A warm welcome from an absolute beginner. Maybe we can do a virtual jam together :smile:.

We all wish that, don’t we, hehe! Just the feeling of being able to play that song. Man, it is intoxicating! I wish you all the best in your journey.

Hi David, the lessons are exactly the same both on the App and on the website. The advantage of using the apps are (in my opinion):

  1. Preset practice routine for every day based on the module we are in.
  2. Concise log of chord changes. It really helps.
  3. Assisted strumming practice with beat sound on every strum we are supposed to make (like D- DU -U D-). It acts as a metronome, but having used Justin’s metronome app I would say this is better in the beginning. It gives a memorable sound when practicing.
  4. Lots of suggestions on which songs to play based on the module and a very nice interface to play along with. It also has a section to practice strumming based on the song tempo. Very useful.

But only up to Grade 2 is available on the App. Rest has to be done from the website. Justin also said in one of the videos that right now the App and the website don’t communicate. But the team is working on it and soon the progress can be synced.

Thanks Swashata, that is good to know.

Your benefits make sense. Sadly for me the app was not available when I did the Beginner Course.

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Welcome to the party! You won’t find a better online community to support you as we are all learners on a lifetime experience.

Welcome to the community John!

Hello John and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi John and welcome to the community. I started a year ago and, like you, I was completely new to guitar. I’m consolidating grade 1 at the moment and trying to address there areas where I feel I’m falling short before I move on. The beginners course is excellent and over the last year I’ve learnt so much. You’ve come to the right place. Enjoy your guitar journey :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome the community John :sunglasses: