John Mayer - Gravity Solo (Live in NYC 2016)

Hey dear Justin Guitar community, feel free to check out my performance on Gravity solo, the version that was improvised by John Mayer in his 2016 NYC performance with Alicia Keys. Please let me know your feedback on the playing, sound and anything. I practice hard and it means a lot to me to get feedback, especially from more experienced, professional guitarists and teachers here.


Hi Yigit, I am not an experienced guitar player and only play acoustic so I am not in a position to offer any constructive feedback but I will say that your post is pretty cool and sounded great!

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Thank you so much Eddie it still means a lot to me :heart: @Eddie_09

Yigit, I’m not at all familiar with the original and not one of those pro players, so can’t offer any constructive feedback. Your playing sounded and looked good in the post.

Sounding nice to me Yigit! I’m another definitely not qualified to judge or advise, other than to say please keep it up! :wink:

Above my play grade Yigit to try and give any advice but I enjoyed your playing.