John Mayer - Guess I Just Feel Like

This John Mayer song always resonated with me.

This is all done through a looper - with the exception of the fade out at the end which I added in Audacity -because I couldn’t figure out how to end the song. :slight_smile:
I’ve been trying to come up with an arrangement that would work for an open mic, but couldn’t figure out a way to do the bridge , so decided to record it instead.

(edited to fix soundcloud link)


P.S. Can anyone tell me the proper way to embed a sound cloud link so it displays nice and horizontal instead of this skyscraper I’ve inadvertently created?

Very nice Dale. That sounded really good and your vocals were also spot on! Great job!

Really enjoyed that Dale! Great work on the production/performance. I didn’t know that song (only know Slow Dancing and Gravity :rofl:), but it’s a really good one.

That was cracking playing and singing Dale. One of the best tracks on his album I think and your performance was solid.

Thanks @Eddie_09, @SgtColon and @twistor59.

I’m less happy with it as time goes on - lol.
I gave myself a time limit to record it so I didn’t drag it out…but now all I hear are things I’m not happy with.
I am still pretty clueless on how to record, and at this point don’t want to spend money on more equipment so making it work with what I have.

Thanks again!

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Hi Dale,
Nice play and vox. I did not know the song, but liked your version very much. Keep up the good vibe!