John Shodan Log

Here she is folks, new addition to the family :guitar:


Sweet John!! i love a cutaway acoustic :slight_smile: Wishing you much fun with her,looks like you need to by a(nother?) guitar stand however.

And jeepers how big is that TV??!!

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Thank you! Moved the full size away in to storage so the newbie has the previous guitar stand.

TV isn’t that big, nice little 55" :+1:

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Enjoyed my first Zoom lesson with Lee Mead-Batten on Beginner Club #6 Power Chord Basics. Working on Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love. Well worth attending!

Then I stumbled across a vid on G Major scale in 3rds which is something that I’ve looked at a couple of time. Did more of a deep dive in to it but I’m just not getting it, its not sinking in. May be that I’m too tirednow, I’ve been “braining” all day and then the zoom call… I just can’t “see” the pattern so I can’t learn it…

I’ll keep going at it and I’m sure it’ll sink in at some point…

OK, If I can “see” the note (G, A, B, C etc) next to the fret number then I can kind of see the pattern a bit clearer… The curse of suffering from Aphantasia…

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