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Not that it matters much, but I would prefer to think of the chords as Bb-Eb-F rather than A#-D#-F. Same chords, just aligns better with the 1-4-5 progression.

Hello @StevinSteegan

I’m curious - why do you raise the names of A# and D# when Justin calls them Bb and Eb?

Also - if they were being referred to as A# and D# (which is theoretically fine) the other chord would be E# (not F). Fitting in with the formula for a harmonised major scale.

Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide

Hey Richard. Yeah that was the point I was making too. The chords in the subscriber section are listed as A# and D#, but I realized that is because of the key transposing tool that is built in. All good.

@StevinSteegan Goodness - you’re right. I hadn’t noticed that. I will report to Justin and the web dev. team.

Having a little trouble hearing if the “and” beats of the shuffle are muted. I find it much easier to pulse my left hand to the beat, but my tendency is only hitting 1,2,3,4 beats not the “and” beats. Also, palm muting a little seems similar and easier? Thoughts?

I guess what I’m hearing is “1 and mute 2 and mute 3 and mute 4 and mute”
And I seem to be able to handle that a little better.