Johnny Cash sings "Barbie Girl" (A.I.)


Honestly that’s too good, terrifying and exciting at the same time! Never saw me as a big barbie girl song fan until now :laughing:

This is mostly scary… but damn it sounded cool.

I agree, it is mostly scary… Listening to it, I wanted to believe that I can hear that this is made with help of A.I. … and while I thought it sounded a bit off in places, I perhaps only heard it because I wanted to believe that it’s not authentic.

How did they do it? Are there recordings of Johnny Cash saying or singing these words in a different context?

It’s weirdly interesting actually…

For me this is scary. Happy for AI to be used diagnosing illness, road safety, statistical analysis ect… But when AI starts creating art, we lose something precious.

I know this particular clip is a bit of a joke but I fear the point will come when the music industry is dominated by machine made music.

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So taday is the day music Died. It said when dead people’s legacy mean nothing.

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I admit I’m not entirely up to speed with all the capibilites of AI but I’d think this particular example goes beyond art.
This has stripped the voice of someone and had them say something they never did.

How are you going to prove to a court of law you’re not guilty when there’s such damning evidence against you?
Of course there’s the benefit of the doubt but the jury might not have any…

I think that’s really dangerous waters.


I’m no expert, but I believe that somebody else sang the vocals (perhaps the creator of the video) and then used the A.I. magic to make it resemble Johnny Cash’s voice.


Very interesting but not sure in a good way, scary.
I am from the generation that had a slide rule at school and even first year at university till Sinclair brought out his calculator.
I know Folsom Prison Blues very well so I can see how AI linked to that.
Michael :notes:

Be afraid… Be VERY Afraid!

This is not cool or funny to me. A lot of things technology brings to the table are a bit of a double-edged sword to my mind but I don’t see the benefit to this type of thing. Sci-Fi nightmares from the past are HERE!


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I haven’t clicked on the video and I won’t be. I find stuff like this disrespectful. All the latest technology and it gets used for this :frowning:

With new AI technology these days, nothing surprises me. In California we hear on the news and radio about AI scammers that can call your cell phone and pretend to be your family member sharing a tragic accident or death of a loved one and the voice sounds authentic… If Johnny Cash were still around he would not sing such a song. I like Johnny cash’s unique style and simplicity. I tend to feel the same about my playing, “If I could play faster I would “ here’s what I have.

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Wow, too spooky. Impressive in it’s own way but not a path I think is a good one! Kind of puts Milli Vanilli into perspective eh? :slight_smile:


A couple of thoughts:

  • Everyone is entitled to an opinion. AI isn’t going away anytime soon, so hike up yer pantaloons.
  • Johnny made every song his own.
  • Scary? Scary good and funny. Enjoy the playful side of AI before the robots take over. :slight_smile:
  • Is it good or bad? Good if identified as AI generated so that folks have the option to steer clear. Bad if anyone is misled.
  • I’m more put off by Elvis impersonators, autotune, vocals with reverb for days, and note for note covers that someone took a month in a DAW with endless loop takes to carbon copy an outstanding original. We have Youtube, Spotify, etc – we can just spin the original any time. It’s perfectly fine if these things are cool and fun for you. You do you.
  • Play on playas! As always, live your best lives!

Maybe our very own @ToshS. Now Tosh has got another Cash cover to do for the community :smiley:


As someone familiar with AI for many years, what they do is take recordings of someone’s voice and then train a program to reproduce the voice. Search the web for “AI program to reproduce someone’s voice” and you’ll get hits showing Microsoft has a program to do that, and there are programs where you supply the text and the program provides the speech, and that you can use your voice input and produce output in someone else’s voice! That’s something to be aware of due to scammers, but it’s also a way to produce the song in the video.

That’s how they do it.


Yes, I agree. As long as it’s clearly identified as AI generated it’s all fun and games to some extent as disrespectful and offensive as it may be in the eyes of many people.

Do I have to like it? No. Surely not. But I will have to accept that something like this is possible in the wonderfully wide field of music and that the meaning of what is art and by whom it is created may change in the near future.

Just like @MorseMooseGreyGoose I do see AI as beneficial in sectors mentioned in his post or closely related to them.

I am certainly not against useful technical improvements (see above). But there are dangerous aspects to AI that should not be ignored nonetheless. I perfectly agree with you that it’s bad if anyone is misled by AI. In addition that what @SDKissFan describes seems to be real already, and disturbingly also the concerns stated by @Lefteris would seem all too real in a future not too far away from now.

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Thanks for the clear explanation, Dan :slightly_smiling_face:

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