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Aaah … Now you are starting to sound like my husband … Yes, maybe I will give in to the voice of reason. Let’s see :melting_face:

ah ah sorry
but i m so used to pain that i know what’s best to do or not XD
try to avoid making the same mistakes

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I have an idea how this will end - well at least, if I were you. I would silence my voice of reason somewhere in a cage for a few mins and play… just to regret it later… :melting_face: :sweat_smile: Be wiser than I am. :slight_smile:

Anyways, get well soon, Nicole! Hope it will be better so fast that there’s no more reason for the voice of reason. :smiley:

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Wish you a speedy recovery, Nicole! I know it’s really hard, but allow your wrist to get better :wink:!

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Yes, me too. Unfortunately. Even if I’m wincing and whining a lot since after playing guitar last evening…

I will try to be reasonable. Let’s hope that if I keep a break today still, paying a bit on Saturday will be fine :pleading_face:

Yes, it is. After the live club yesterday I want to get started with experimenting with the basic Travis tumb finger picking thing so much… And I have my EOC song to practice… Grr… :angry:

But yes, PMT will probably have to do today…

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It’s great you can play those songs from heart. Just keep it up when you move into Grade 2. I neglected my Grade 1 songs for the longest time after I consolidated back in June 2023 and when I finally got back to them a couple months ago, things were not going too well. I tried Three Little Birds yesterday for the first time in a while and though I finally figured out how to do the offbeat strum mentioned in the Song book, I no longer really care that much for the song, it’s either too simple? (ha, never thought I’d ever say that!) but more likely I just don’t know how to really Reggae it up properly. Maybe if I find a backing track… :thinking:

Anyway, I’m looking forward to your AVOYP, assuming you choose to share. I only ever recorded 2 of mine. I should probably change that.

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Hmmm… It would be so nice to see and hear where you are now? Maybe a song you really love and don’t mind practicing over and over again? Looking forward to a new video in the near future. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, recording the fifth song and publishing as AVOYP was the idea. But it looks as if I have lost valuable time now hurting my arm…

I want to get back to practicing tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes

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It may be coming soon, looks like I’ll be going back to a Grade 1 song, but with Old Faithful strumming this time. Bad Moon Rising by CCR is making me very happy right now. :smiley: Even if I can’t quite get it up to full speed, 90% sounds better though. At least that’s my excuse!


If it sounds good, it is good. Period. :grinning:

Looking forward to the video.

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How you playing OH for the split A G bar?

For the split bar, just down strums, 2 for each chord. I learned that from @Richard_close2u on another thread somewhere. It’s working out great. Don’t know if he also does that for Up Around the Bend by CCR but I’m trying it there, too.

Probably mine as I was ‘pushing’ the second part. Didn’t realise this at the time!! See this post Chord Changes with different strumming patterns - #11 by Richard_close2u

Anyway for this one I have been using D D D DU+ for both full and split bars. Sounds OK!

Apologies to the OP for taking over this thread :slight_smile:

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Yup, that’s the one! lol. And to keep our mini thread hi-jack relevant:

GO @JokuMuu , GO JOKUMUU!!! :blush:

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Happy to host discussions in my LL. All good. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

No playing today still. This arm is driving me crazy… Grrr… I want to play. :pleading_face:

But yes. The voice of reason called again. It’s a good sign that the arm hurts more now, right? It must be a sign that the huge black spot starts disappearing…


its pretty normal , the body always feel the pain later on …

I did it. I played. Hadn’t been playing for almost a week because of the bruised left arm and it started to drive me mad. After playing a bit more than an hour, the arm is tense and makes itself known from shoulder to fingers, but I’m happy :blush:

What a strange practice session this was. Playing a song with changes from Em to Fmajor7 with a C bass meant realising that this change maybe isn’t one of the easiest. There is a lot of movement going on…

Then again Fmajor7 with a C bass is a brilliant chord to experiment with. It’s just a small step to the thumb over F chord and barre chord F. It’s somewhat amazing… I noticed that I can play the thumb over F with all strings ringing out clearly - didn’t try changing to it and back from it though. Today was also the first day when more of my attempts at barre chord F were successful than unsuccessful.

I tried using the barre chord F in the song I’m practicing and that’s kind of a trainwreck so far but I can change from an existing barre chord F to standard open G reasonably fast. It’s interesting how much of my F barre chord success depends on my own expectations - as soon as I start to think nothing works. Practicing that shape in the fifth fret… Supposedly easier? No go, probably because I was way too impatient… :smiley:

Regarding moving on from Grade 1 to Grade 2… Given the long forced break I had, I will not be able to have my fifth song in a shape that is worth sharing by 16.2. I can however play and sing the entire song by heart…

Thus I will do this: Tomorrow I will move on to Grade 2 - seeing that my fifth song does anyhow include an F chord and seeing that practicing various F shapes has become part of my practice routine. I will however continue working on the fifth song and publish it in AVOYP once I feel it’s good enough for the moment.

Aah… and @roger_holland : We have had quite a lot of snow today. This time I’m bragging, because I think this picture is quite successful :grin:


Glad to read you can finally play again, Nicole!

Sounds like a good session with some light-bulb-moments. :smiley: Also glad you decided to move on - it’s reasonable and actually, knowing a 5 songs by heart and play them through is checked. It’s never mentioned you should also share a recording. :wink: But I’m really looking forward to it, so you basically have to, but not to pass Grade 1. :crazy_face:

Have loads of fun in Grade 2!

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I know some of the chords are moveable, I tried that when I found myself playing a darn near perfect f chord. Froze that shape, slid down the fretboard, and disaster. Apparently, it’s not as easy as it looks. Not for me anyway! :rofl:

I only recorded 2 of my Grade 1 songs, I didn’t think that was a requirement. I could play them fairly well though before I moved on. Now that my playing has improved somewhat that may change.

And that’s a lot of snow. I haven’t personally seen quantities like that since the Blizzard of '78 when I was in college in Massachusetts. You can keep it. :smile:

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One of the perks of the place I’m living in being located at the Baltic Sea, is that we get lots of snow… I would be very willing to share it, Rebecca, it’s getting boring after having had it here more than three months already :wink:

@Lisa_S and @LunaRocket … Lisa,Rebecca…yes, yes… I know it’s not a requirement. It just felt so silly stating a personal goal and then backing off… :laughing:

Moving shapes? Yeah, well no …not yet. I keep on losing the shape on the way. It will come with time, I hope.

Officially leaving my safe space in Grade 1 feels more daunting than it should :grin: I dreamt the whole night about playing guitar. Well… at least, due the strike, my weekend already started and I will have lots of time for practicing, provided that my arm allows :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Nicole, glad to read, that your arm is getting better! Good decision to move on to Grade 2, you won’t regret, you are already overripe to do so! I was on the prudent side with moving along to Grade 2 and then spent a long time there, but a lot of things, that needed more work, got better just by the way, without bigger effort. I then took a longer consolidation after Grade 2 too.
You’re doing really well! Keep on keeping on :slightly_smiling_face:!