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Hi Nicole. Catching up on your LL this morning. Ouch. Hope that arm is improving. Sounds like you’re practicing hard despite everything.
Great update.

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Thanks… I’m happy with my decision. Let’s see how it goes. The real learning starts here. There are so many new things to learn … I have no rush whatsoever. It will take the time that it will take.

@sairfingers Gordon, thanks. Yes, I have been very, very lucky. The arm hurts after playing just like now, but how much worse it would have been with a broken arm, ruptured tendon or so… All good. Especially since I yearned so much for playing when I tried to be sensible and didn’t play. It’s just another sign that I’m finally on the right track :smiling_face:


For the first time I’m really making use of the practice assistant on the website. I set up my routine on Thursday, watched the module 8 videos again and searched songs I could play with the stuck 3 & 4 chords - amazing how much time that took. Practicing itself was still rather unstructured on Thursday… this changed yesterday.

Since I have no idea how disciplined I will be in the future, practicing different things with a stop watch, here is proof that I at least tried in the last days.

Module 8 is fun. My pinky is hurting more than my arm. I love the sound of the Rock G, hold personal grudges against the four finger Em7, I’m amazed that I haven’t been giving up on at least trying to mute strings when playing the scale ( at the speed of a sloth). Most of all, I’m very surprised that practicing the “Wish you were here”-riff is not a hopeless endeavour… seems that there are very, very small sparks of hopes.

Left arm feels strange, but hey, what is a bit of pain. That will pass :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, I’m not fond of that one, either. I am fond of the Practice Assistant, though. I find myself trying to best the time I got the previous day. I’m actually managing about an hour a day now, and I know when I see only 30-minute days, it’s usually because nothing was going right. :scream:

My pinkie took forever to stop hurting, hopefully you will be painless sooner rather than later.


Quite many days have passed since my last LL-update. Have I progressed a lot since then? No, I haven’t. I’m still in module 8 and besides that I’m trying to get better at easy riffs and melodies.

For various reasons I am under a lot of stress at work. I haven’t even had time to keep up with this lovely community. I’m that worn out and almost over my limits of strength and energy. I have a feeling the next work week will be yet another dimension of demanding and tiring. Consequently, there will be so much to catch up on, when I hopefully have time to relax during the upcoming Easter days. I’m quite curious to see what I have missed.

Last year in September, I have been under a similar amount and quality of stress at work. Back then I stopped playing the guitar. That is not happening now. I have not given up playing. Not for a moment. That’s good news I guess.



Sometimes life just gets in the way and yes things have to take priority over playing and learning. Just think of the space you were in around Christmas, that guitar was not at the fore front of your mind and quite rightly. Life has a tendency to balance itself out. So take so take a long deep breathe during these lean times, abundance and playing pleasure will return when the time is right.

Hope your old man is doing well and behaving himself but like I said back then, look after your own well being.

Take care.



Hmm… Yes, you are correct, this is nothing compared to the time around Christmas. It perhaps it is just that, maybe I should start taking deep breaths and try to take less stress from work. It’s just work after all.

That man? :slightly_smiling_face: He is doing fine. The big scare was outruled. It’s not that. It’s like a win in the lottery.

Funny though how work life has a way of making me forget what is really important.

Thanks for helping me put things into perspective, Toby :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Nicole, nice to read your log entry and good to read, that it’s “only” a stressful period that keeps you away from the forum! Happy to read, that your husband is doing well! I wish, your work issues get a bit less stressful and you find some retreat with your guitars, even, if it’s not moving on. Sometimes it’s more important to keep it up and to relax and by the way, lots of skills sink in in these periods and help us in the future.
Lass dich nicht zu sehr stressen! :bouquet:


Woke up this morning to a quite beautiful scenery. I mean, who needs “real” spring, when they can have snow and purple skies instead?

Now for a quick guitar practicing session (silently not to disturb the neighbours) and then off to work it is.


What a beautiful dawn. :sunglasses:

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