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I’ve been working on this for about a month now and am up to about 3/4 speed for the whole riff/finger picking version. I’ve played for many years and, yes, this one is a bit of a challenge. I found a live video of Dolly accompanied by one guitar on Youtube. I think Justin has the riff nailed.

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Is the updated Riff supposed to show on the Learn More page of this lesson? I am just getting a little icon to show there should be an image there.

@VirtualM yes it looks like the link is broken
The easiest way to report things like this it to report it to
the mods.
@LievenDV @Richard_close2u @DavidP

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Hi, I sent an email to them via their contact form. :smiley:

Still not working :sob:

@JGAdmin @Richard_close2u

Link is still Broken

The link to this
The Intro Riff
The fingerstyle intro part in my Beginner Songbook 2 is not right :frowning: Sorry - I thought it was but upon examining it again before doing this lesson I think I’ve got it closer to what is played on the record.

Hi ,
I can remember in another thread a while ago that more people were working on this iig Donna
@DonnatheDead (right Donna? and how do this go? ,after many weeks/month(?)of hiatus I’m finally going to try to get this intro up to the right speed :sweat_smile:)

Now I just noticed that at the bottom of the fingerstyle intro pattern in the 2nd bar, the …2… on string D must be a …0…

Edit: 13:45 it’s good to see.

Edit 2 :(sorry)
But at the end Justin also says that he is not 100% sure if everything is good in his lesson, so I assume that the intro as written under the lesson is the right one, and the difference is (for me) so minimal that it doesn’t matter, maybe just do what is least difficult for us…I’m going for the video lesson.


HI @roger_holland. Yes, “Jolene” has been an on and off project for me for a while. It seems I can play the strum version and sing, or a modified fingerstyle, or the “right way” without singing. I can’t seem to get it all together. :person_shrugging: I checked out the link to Justin’s lesson, and swear it’s slightly different from the one I started learning from. I don’t even remember him mentioning the intro before. I think this song is one of those where you have to try a few different things, and then go with the version that feels right to you.

On second thought, I know it’s a different JG lesson! I remember wondering why he didn’t mention the hammer on, but in this video he definitely talks about it.

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Hi Donna,

As far as I know there’s one totally different song called Jolene, but I only play (try) this :blush:.
The big challenge for me/us is the riff on the A minor, I’ve got it now sometimes at the right speed … but then I can’t put the C after it and I end up with the fingerstyle and then on to the A minor then I also get stuck…but it will work in weeks :crossed_fingers: ,I will give myself at least another 2 weeks of regular practice (so maybe a month :smirk:)…imitating this perfectly will bring me a lot I know…but luckily I don’t have to/can’t to sing (the comming years) along :sweat_smile:

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