Jolene - Cover

Hi All,

Please forgive me for 2 new topics in a day - but it’s been a while.

We’ve started messing with some covers of songs we like, most of which aren’t particularly our usual style - some are indeed guilty pleasures. Will share more over the coming months.

We both like Jolene - one of few country songs I like - though I’ve been enjoying binge watching the TV series, Nashville if that counts?

Katja plays keys on this.
I just added a little guitar (in my faux country lead style :slight_smile: (I was thinking REM Country Feedback)) and bass.

(1) Dolly Parton - Jolene [Cover by The Comfortably Strange] - YouTube

All the best,

Digger & Katja


Hi Stephen and Katja,
I have added this to my playlist…I would make a nice detour to see this live :sunglasses: :clap: :bouquet: :sunglasses:

Sounded amazing! Loved everything about it, keyboard and vocals are awesome plus the small guitar parts really added something extra to it.

Superb vocals, love this recording.
This classic is a personal fav.
Very nice singing!

Wow Digger this has the TCS trademark all over it despite being a cover. Great piano arrangement combined with Katja’s haunting vocals is really chilling in a warm embrace.
And the lead work fitted in nicely btw !

An epic TCS recording, so I’m off for the next one.

Keep them coming and big thanks to Katja as I’ve got the goose bumps again. So it must be good - Dolly’s vox never ever did that :+1:


Wow Diggs,
I like the direction of going into covers! You folks doing a bit of country? Are you ok over there? :slight_smile:

Good stuff, the production and mix are top notch. Katja’s vocals are tantalizing for sure! The keys play stands out as well.

Nice effort and great results too!

I will catch you after the other post!

Be well,

Top class. I fell in love with Katja’s voice years and years ago and the feeling never faded.
Sweet arrangement!

Love hearing from you guys!

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Digger, and Katja, I’ve listened to Tombstone and this one, and both are excellent. I’ve said it before - Katja’s sultry, haunting vocals just draw me in, and you’ve outdone yourself on Jolene. Well done and a truly enjoyable listen.

This was awesome!! Very talented vocals and everything seemed so, fresh!

Looking forward to hearing another!

Thanks all.

Yes, i’m lucky I get to record with Katja - and I’m not sure she realises how lovely, and unique her voice is. It’s that Germlish accent. :slight_smile:

Lbro - all good thanks, mate - though I have a dodgy ear at the minute. Waiting for a doc’s appointment to sort it out. I’m beginning to think it’s too much time with headphones on.

I think Weakness In Me by Joan Armatrading is next up ( a guilty pleasure of mine.) :slight_smile:

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That was outstanding singing and playing Stephen and Katja. I loved it and a great song to boot.

I love this song and I’m looking forward to hearing it.