Journal - Log , Blog or Vlog

I hope to start a conversation with people chiming in with thought and ideas, do’s or dont’s with regards to a Guitar Journal.

This got me thinking and scouring the net for some sort Journal software. Hence this lead to Diaries. Not a great choice for a Log , My partner offered the idea of a blog. So, onto this discussion.

Would a blog be a bad idea or not.? I kinda like the idea, some more pondering is certainly needed but I want to know what other think.

There are a few people here who could have a really great blog of their journey.
That would make for great reading and listening.



Hi Rachel. I know of someone who said that the fact that they documented their guitar journey on YouTube really helped their accountability and progress forward. I don’t know if you’re more into videos or writing (it sounds like writing, since you’re suggesting the idea of a blog), but even if you had a blog and wanted to still do some videos, you could always link to them in particular posts.

I think if it inspires you, it’s a great idea! You could always just try it out and see how you like it.

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Hi Rachel, you could always take that idea from your partner of a blog and take it up a level to a vlog. I’ve always enjoyed watching some of the video entries in the log books on here. Most recently was the enty @SocratesDiedTrolling made to his learning log. I think that’s a great way to record and share your adventure learning the guitar. It’s also a good way to record and share the process you went through learning songs and not just the end result. I’m pretty sure @adi_mrok posted in his learning log a time lapsed video of him learning a song which was great to watch.


Thanks for the shoutout, James. I tend to agree. I’ve blogged on various topics in the past, and I’ve also vlogged on various topics. My own learning log here on the forums, I am using as a combination; I have written content, but the videos are an integral part, because I think the video is going to be essential for getting feedback. The videos, I am posting on YouTube and linking here. So, if anyone follows it on YouTube, it will just be a standard YouTube channel experience, I suppose.

As far as a journal, like a diary for my own personal use and reference, I’m sort of working on that. I purchased a composition notebook and some little tabs/markers to add to pages and whatnot… because I do think that writing things down by hand has some benefits, as far as learning goes. On the other hand, I have horrible handwriting, and hand-written pages in a notebook are hard to edit, so, I may do that on the computer for ease of workflow for me.

Also, I’ve started making my own song sheets, similar to the sheets from Justin’s Beginner Songbook, with the chords and words for my own songbook. I know that as we progress, Justin recommends keeping a songbook or repertoire of the songs you are practicing at the time. Also, it’s nice to be able to pull up the document and have a song ready to look at and practice.

Those are my ideas so far.

Best Wishes,

PS: Here’s my log, here on the forum, if you want to check it out. I just started, myself, so I’ve only got a couple of posts, but I’ve gotten lots of comments/feedback! Todd's Learning Log


Hi James, thanks for shout out although I only did one video and it was only early days one :grinning: always hope to do this whenever I learn something new and challenging but always am too lazy to hit the record button :laughing:

Rachel I am sure my question will be palmface type of question but did you see a Learning Logs section of this Community? Plenty different takes on how people run their Logs and it’s always fun to read whenever one has time to read it :slight_smile:



I only suggested blog as thats what my partner came up with. When I searched fro a site to do just that I came across a template which would allow, Archives, Audio, Video, photo album, a blog area and a whole lot more as a basic template. Sounds great…


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yes, :wave: , thats not a wave lol…I have made my first post

This was more about eveyone joining in to hopefully post what they use , how and additiomal thought. I read yesterday that someone puts down the music they’ve listened to for that day. Good idea I thought,


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HEY ADI. @adi_mrok:man_facepalming:

:joy: :rofl:

I should even look up the exact differences between those 4 :roll_eyes:…but I don’t…

And Rachel,…For example, you could turn your LL into a wiki with a setting at the bottom of your writing window,…but wouldn’t that give the same response as I did to Adrian? :grimacing: :laughing:


That reminds me of the time that you did that by accident to one of your posts :thinking:

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So I’ve been digging…

I looked into haveing a blog/vlog, and right now I cant see the point in having a datailed journey in this form. in the future howere, yes. A lot of work with Zero return , although cost is not very high there are however limiting factors in going this route. A premium site will allow UPTO 5 hours viewing where as a the minimum is just 30 minutes.

I didn’t go to deeply into them but they will be of use in the future, the conclusion for me.

Use youtube as the video storage site until such time that you have accumulated enough recording in addition to written digital logs until it becomes worth making your own WWW addy of your Guitar Journey.

Just had my coffee, brain in a morning fizz, website names going through my head lol, go check see whats available lol

Musings lol

WWW.RetirementPlanB hmmm could be better

WWW.RetirementPlanA2G hmmm could be better

WWW.A2Guitar not bad, could be better

WWW.ABCDEFGuitar nice , what else

Have a pic inserted by the side

WWW.ABCDEFGibson Oooh, now i really like this given my Les Paul
t Pic here

Could I get away with the play on words, there maybe a legal issues at some stage

Anyway, I brought both domain names for free - for a year just in case…

I like the idea of a lasting journal as I do not have any recording of my many years on my instruments. The free year will give me time to make recording and notes ready to add to a site when I feel theres enough material to warrent building a site in the first place.

I realise this is a bit off topic for my own thread , just ramblings and thoughts hehe.


PS, the final post moved all vertial letters out of place :frowning: