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Welcome aboard, JS :slightly_smiling_face:
Every Hello here is a bittersweet nail in the coffin of the good ol’ forum :slight_smile: :disappointed_relieved:

Welcome @jsgreen ! :smiley:

Welcome aboard glad you made the party!

Welcome James glad to see you made it

Good to see you hear, James. Enjoyed the RC update and look forward to following your progress.

Those blues studies are wonderful and inspirational to me.

… and I’m happy you’ve migrated here James. It’s good to have you here, man with a growth mindset. Love that concept.

It’s all about the word “yet”.

I don’t know how to play Eugene’s Trick Bag YET. :guitar:

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You’re so right, James. That word makes all the difference.

Practice routine - wk of Aug 7th 2022


*** 2022-11-08 update

In September I bought a Martin 000-28 Modern Deluxe, it’s a treat to play and a “lifetime” guitar (in that it’s a keeper and I’ll be paying it off for quite awhile :slight_smile: ).

To record the acoustic I also purchased a Zoom H5 recorder, and I’ve been working through David Hamburger’s Fingerstyle Blues Handbook Vol 1 (consists of 20 short 12 or 16 bar studies):

Playlist: Acoustic Blues Studies
DH-BH1-Lesson 12
DH-BH1-Lesson 11


DH-BH1-Lesson 13
DH-BH1-Lesson 14

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I’ve been working through a David Hamburger fingerstyle blues “factory” course where you first learn ~30 licks in E, A B and D and some turnarounds…at the end you put them together to make a tune. I’m at the end, learning the turnarounds, will start posting the completed tunes here:

Rosedale Blues in E (part 1):

I’m also using some practice techniques I learned from a combination of Justin’s site and a book called BrainJo - I think I’ll post a short book review soon, as the techniques are really helping my ability to memorize.


The blues song sounds fabulous, James. Steady thumb, good balance in note volume between base and melody.

Look forward to more on the book, sounds interesting.

Hi James,
Nice and it sounds amazing :clap: :sunglasses:

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I heard all of your posted blues tracks, don’t know, why I missed the previous posts of your blues studies, they all sounded amazing! Already curious about your book review!

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Hi @Helen0609 @roger_holland and @DavidP - thanks so much!

I’ve just finished the review, posted it here: Brainjo - book review and practical application


Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues tunes:

Rosedale Blues

Right or Ronk


Thoroughly enjoyed both, James, they sounded excellent. Well done.

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Hi James, both sounded good to me.

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Learning Freight Train

G7 Barre chord is the devil.

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