Judy Teen

OK so I have just learnt the chords for this song and can more or less play it what I would like to do is play the riff but listening to the song i cant work it out the riff is played on a violin plucking the strings to get the same effect on guitar you would have to mute the strings so if anyone out there could listen to the song and see if you can work out the notes for the riff in tab please.

Hi John - I had a quick listen. This is what I hear …

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Hi Jeff,
I may be wrong, but I thought I once saw that sharing content in this way is not allowed due to copywriting hassle (maybe just a little bit is okay ?..)…EDIT:help lines are no longer necessary :grin:

Maybe this is better. Sorry

Hi ,
This should be 100% okay…good solution :sunglasses:

Cheers Paul sounds good to me

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Hi Paul I have now played this with the original it does finish with what i think is 4th string 11,11,11,12,14 the song is sung over the riff and the chords only used in the chorus a bit more practice problem is i have a self inflicted cut on my first finger left hand and a large dressing gets in the way a bit must be more carefull in future,anyway many thanks for your help I love this song.

Hi John - Yeah, I missed off the last bar … This is what I’m hearing in that …
I’m no expert, but I try to transcribe a little every day, so hopefully I’m close!
Sorry to hear about your finger, that sucks.