June, 2024 - Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics) Bottom Of The Lake (Original Song)

I did this one before but kinda took it to the next level and tried some special effects and such!!! :smiley: Not perfect by any means but was fun! Hope you enjoy as i did in making it!!!

Just Remastered it and kinda put a band aid on one drum part!! :slight_smile:

Hey guys think i posted this one already but ill do it again :slight_smile: Songs about raising awareness about addiction! Enjoy! All comments appreciated!

Heres the lyrics if anyone is wondering!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks Silvia glad you liked it!!! Thanks for commenting!

(Verse 1)

Im goin down to the bottom of the lake…

Now I cannot escape…

I went through alot of pain…

Now I feel ashamed…

(Chorus 1)

Now i cannot stop on a dime

There was a time where I shined

Where I shined

Where I shined

(LEAD 1) Doo diddle doo… doo doddle doo.…

(Verse 2)

Im goin down to the bottom of the lake…

That was one big mistake…

I went through alot of pain…

And its not some kinda game…

(Chorus 2)

Now I cannot stop on a dime…

There was a time where I shined…

Where I shined…

Where I shined…

Now I cannot stop on a dime…

There was a time where I shined…

Where I shined…

Where I shined…

(LEAD 2 into FINISH)… Doo diddle doo… doo doddle doo.…



Well played: good, steady rhythm with some well played lead guitar too. Sounded like a lost REM song. Enjoyed it!


Thanks man! I put my heart and soul into this one! Glad you liked it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the comment!

Great production of a nicely crafted song Byron - loved the percussion and lead guitar breaks!

Great song Byron! Nice production as well.

Thanks guys!

Bravo Bytron, it’s really a good song…I’m afraid my poor listening skills made me understand only half of it…but the music came through entirely!

Oh yeah, I remember this one very well. Thanks for letting me do an instrumental collaboration with you four years ago:


Yes!!! That was awesome!!! I cleaned it up some and added some stuff since then!!! :slight_smile: Cant believe that was four years ago lol. Thanks man!

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This was a true masterpiece Byron. I felt the message of the song and truly enjoyed listening to your style.


That was terrific Byron. Had a real Neil Young vibe to it.
Very well played sung and produced too.

Nice song with an important message as well.

Keep them coming sir!

@CT @SDKissFan @sairfingers @glpguitar @SILVIA @TheCluelessLuthier @twistor59 @beejay56 Wow thanks you guys! That means alot as ive been a addict before and know how it feels and this song I wrote portrays that and what it feels like… And it could be with anything in general! I still struggle to this day… Anyways… Listen to CT’s collab that he did, its awesome! He did that when I first wrote this song! He posted the link in this post!!! Check it out!!! Then I re-recorded it with my new equipment that i saved for. :slight_smile: Thanks you guys for acknowledging that it has a strong message… That means alot to me and what im trying to portray in this original. You guys mention Oasis, Neil Young and REM, and im a really big fan of those bands/artists… Even Nirvana! I love grunge rock and was trying to get close to that. Thanks you guys!


It truly was a great message, Bytron. Your original was impressive. I’m mostly not into hard rock, but this type of “grunge” rock, I do enjoy. @CT ‘s collaboration was exceptional too. So nice to listen to.


Thanks Pkboo for commenting!! :smiley: I worked hard on this!

Hi Byron, thanks for the Lyrics! I could appreciate it even more…boy you’ve got a talent with music…ah yes I know, you worked hard too! So keep working hard on your talent and yourself because the results are something you can be very proud of!

Aww thanks Silvia!! I try… Especially with music because it connects ya know! :slight_smile: Thanks for the comment! :slight_smile:

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Hi Byron, that is a lovely song, very well played and sung! I love the lyrics and all the layers - very nice addition of that melody part in the middle, works nicely with the song.

Thanks Boris!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks again guys for all the comments! :slight_smile: