Just a(nother) minute, Justin

Brian, I need to switch to Klingon …

As I understand, the way this platform works is that our Community is one big physical repository that holds all the Topics. One should not think of it like a folder structure on a hard disc.

Topics are marked up with a Categroy and Sub-category, latter optionally, which makes browsing easier.

All Richard has done is change the Sub-category from AVOYP to Originals (Not Covers). There is no physical movement per se, no links created.

The additional optional tagging of Topics in the Category Community Recording simply makes it easier to filter for an individual’s Topics in the Sub-category, Category, or the entire Site (though we only use the user-name tag in Community Recordings).

Now I can switch back to English :laughing:

Partly I was being playful, bantering. More seriously, perhaps my choice of words was poor.

And I agree, I think posting up Collaborations and Originals, as distinct to AVOYP, would likely be well received by many new members who never enjoyed these productions. The many songs of @Birdland would also be worth a share.

Much like you, I think Original Songs is one of the pinnacles and there is something extra special in Collaborations, without wanting to take away anything from all the wonderful recordings that are about so much more than just enjoying a song played by somebody you have a connection with.

It’s the essence of the Community. Something that plays a profoundly important part in my life. Means a lot to me to be able to connect and support people enjoying the adventure that is being a musician, in whatever form or level that happens to be.

PS Maybe I’ll drip feed in my originals, some of the Collaborations, over time … though my catalogue of those productions is not going to cause a flood :rofl:

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Cheers for the explanation, David :smiley:
I’m a ‘low-hanging-fruit-guy’ and learn only what I need to, in order to get by
(I rarely read instruction manuals either until I run into problems… :roll_eyes:)
By the time I’ve figured out all the intricacies of this new home, it’ll probably be time to move again, eh? :laughing:

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I guess I am also, Brian. And also naturally curious about how these tech things work, so perhaps I tend to explore a little bit more. Maybe being exposed to tech in my job helped with that. I’m no longer a practicing software engineer but the software engineer still lives inside.

As for manuals … I confess I am a RTFM advocate :rofl:

How rude!

That was superb Brian. I was smiling all the way though and laughing at points. Great lyrics. I’m glad they finally gave in and you got a session.

This was so much fun to listen to! I’m a huge sucker for humor in lyrics. It’s nice too when people weasel comedy into sad songs. I’d love to hear you play this live someday, would definitely tip you with a pint :beers: !

Nice job mate!

I could swear I am hearing a bit of audio improvement emanating from over that way. Nice one and good to hear. Keep up the good work and all the best!