Just a(nother) minute, Justin

When I saw Richard had created a new ‘originals’ category, I had a quick scan to see what I had in this dept. I began gathering some old guff from when I joined the ‘forum’ but as usual, got distracted and started playing instead :roll_eyes:
This is a quick re-recording of a song I wrote for what used to be the monthly song competition. Justin used to listen to and comment on them all, giving the winner a free Skype lesson. I decided I wanted to meet him, and this seemed the easiest way. My nose was a little out of joint when I didn’t win, so I just kept on entering until the authorities gave in :rofl:
Persistence is the key :wink:


Loved it loved it loved it Brian. Going to have to give a second listen to follow the guitar playing as the lyrics just drew me in, and on first listen that’s all I could concentrate on. Fantastic lyrics which encapsulated in a nutshell everyone’s struggles with learning guitar in those early days. It’s a lovely sunny day here in the Windy City and that brightened my day up even more! Superb!

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That was absolutely awesome, Brian :star_struck::clap:. Just like @Eddie_09 , I was very concentrated on the lyrics, but the rhythm suited the song perfectly. The joy and suffering of a guitar student… Great idea, and great implementation :hugs:.

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Great stuff. I dream of winning a lesson with Justin.

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Hello Brian,
How good…you found a loophole in the "one post per month videotopic creating "…redo old stuff for the most attention a song sometimes deserves… :rofl: :laughing:

And I’m happy about it, great performance :man_bowing:and great lyrics and reason(skype) to put it on like this,Amazing :sunglasses: :man_bowing: :clap: :bouquet: and if I stood in front of your podium :briefs::laughing:

We loved it :sunglasses:


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Right at the end of my practice session, I only had a quick look into the forum and: surprise, surprise, another video of Brian. Should I dedicate 3:09 minutes to listen to your song or just practice another song :thinking:? Hm…listen to your song was the better choice, while the likes of us follow the given path, you just pick up your guitar and blow out the next song, self written on top! Cool lyrics and totally relaxed playing :+1: Bravo!

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Absolutely loved it, thanks for sharing Brain!

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You really are the entertainer Brian! Loved your lyrics and the ‘deliberate’ mistake near the end was a masterpiece. Well done, you summed up the trials and tribulations of learning guitar beautifully. Even Yorick in the background was laughing.

Btw. I nearly missed this. We’ve suddenly got a new category for originals and my notifications/preferences thing didn’t pick it up. I thought the mods were trying to cut down on the number of categories.

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:joy: :joy: :joy: Awesome! Thanks for (re)sharing Brian! :clap: :clap: :clap: :sweat_smile:

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Brilliant Brian, lyrics are inspired and delivery just spot on, had me smiling all the way through!! The middle “intentional oops” just sums you up in the best possible way :slight_smile:

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@Eddie_09 Hot off the press from the Windy City- Thanks, man! :smiley:

@NicoleKKB Vielen Dank! I had a lot of fun doing this, and because it was early in my ‘career’ :rofl: I felt the possibilities were endless. I’m (a little) more constrained by ‘reality’ now :wink:

Cheers @tony, as I said, persistence is the key… (along with a whole lotta luck! :rofl:)

@roger_holland Haha, he sees through me, like everyone else, but feels the good continental need to blurt it out :roll_eyes: :rofl:
As I said elsewhere: I keep within the rules (-ish)
Thank you, but keep your knickers on :wink:

@Helen0609 all I can say is you have impeccable taste and make wise life choices. You shall receive your reward in the next life :wink:

@glpguitar much appreciated my friend. (Your comment just reminded me I never responded to your last msg, but greatly appreciated it :smiley:)
Haha, I was into gimmickry from the outset…
Much appreciated and I’m glad you didn’t miss it.

@sairfingers Indeed death is sitting on all our shoulders :skull: :laughing:
Thanks for the listen and comments. For a ‘technophobe’ you don’t miss much at all in the community :wink:

@nzmetal Cheers Jeff. I’ll be seeing you on another thread soon :wink:

@Notter ‘Sum me up’? You could stun an ox with that book :rofl:
Thank you. The only thing in music better than making someone smile is to make them cry… That’s the Holy Grail :smiley:


Ha, that’s for sure! But:

Much too late! I Want it all and I want it now! I’m not so much into this reincarnation thing, imagine I would be reborn as a deep sea fish or a creature like that in a world without music and guitars in complete darkness…I stop now, before I get off topic :slightly_smiling_face:

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Haha, I know it’s a taboo topic here, but if there is a heaven, I’m presuming I’ll be providing the soundtrack. Same for hell :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

The idea of “heaven” is much more what I would prefer, even if the soundtrack is yours :joy: :wink:

You had me hanging on to every word. You’re such a cool wordsmith. That was awesome Brian!!!


My guess is you missed Richard’s update on this, it being in another unwatched Category.

From a Mod perspective, the intent in a nutshell was twofold. Firstly we did want to simplify, which can be achieved thrugh reduction and consolidation of Categories and/or Sub-categories and also through the crisp definition to ensure people know what should be posted where. Secondly, we wanted to tame the flood of posting in AVOYP to reduce the consequence that a new Topic can disappear from sight quickly.

The idea of Originals is to firstly reduce number of posts in AVOYP and secondly to give specific visibility to Original Songs.

I like that, Brian, a cunning plan (even without a tail on it) … re-record and re-post. :rofl:

I love your originals so much so that I’m making a special Mod’s request for you to re-post (even without re-recording) the one about the Forum … it’s good with the extra bonus that I got a mention :rofl:

Oooohhh. Teacher’s pet!

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@CateB Thank you so much Cate. Very generous :smiley:

Are you sure this is the case, David?
It seems to me that @Richard_close2u is ‘curating’ an originals category.
He has not moved the songs from AVOYP to Originals but simply created a link to them.
(I presume most folk will just continue to upload their originals to AVOYP as that’s the main platform folk go to listen to performances).
If this is the case, I thought it might have made more sense to have individual members’ threads with all their originals listed in the new section (as some have in their Learning Logs). I think this is why Richard started the tagging thread to explain to me how to find this info (Sorry @sairfingers) :smiley:

Interesting point, David.
I was not aware that sharing a recording from the old forum in the Community was ‘re-posting’?
In fact, in the early days, we were all encouraged to migrate anything we wanted to save from the old forum to our new home. It would obviously be silly to add them to an already clogged AVOYP, but I see no harm in sharing previous efforts in a sensible way, such as here.
I’d enjoy to see threads of Comfortably Strange originals or Kasper’s collaborations over the years :smiley:

… but more importantly: Thank you for the listen, thoughtful comments and support you’ve consistently shown me since I joined way back when. Much appreciated :smiley:

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I have moved them, changed their location Brian.

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Ah, very good. I just presumed they bounced back to avoyp.
You’re going to have a fair bit of xtra work keeping an eye on AVOYP :laughing:
Btw. A number of my songs just change some/all lyrics from originals or steal lyrics to make my own songs. Do they go in originals or AVOYP?