Just an idea - for those in South Africa and living on the East Rand

For those beginners living on the East Rand in Gauteng, South Africa:
I was thinking of perhaps putting together a group of those going through Justin’s beginner course to meet (perhaps once a month) to get together and play through some of the songs on the Justin Guitar App so as to push and encourage one another in an effort to become better guitar players.
Is there anyone that may be interested?
Kind regards,

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Hi Gary,

I’m in South Africa and live on the East Rand (on the western edge of it). I’d be happy to join a get together to play some songs.

Thanks for your response David; that would be fantastic. I work in Lesotho a good deal of the time, however, home is in Benoni. I normally get home for a few days each month and would like to try and put something together for either an evening during the week or perhaps for some time over a weekend - whichever would suit those interested. let’s see if there are any other interested parties.
Take care,

Sounds good, Gary.

I’ve not bumped into too many from South Africa here. But maybe there are more lurking. Weekend would work better for me.

The west end of the east Rand…
Sounds like the middle of somewhere (or nowhere :wink:)

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Brian maybe they’re just 'rand the corner from one and other.

@DavidP @GaryBe sounds like a date for a good jam session. :sunglasses:


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yep, despite the good start, this discussion is not about anything anymore :roll_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Gary, don’t mind my friends here … I’ve drawn a lot of friendly fire :rofl:

Needless to say they are not well-versed with our geography. And have no idea about the East Rand vs West Rand and Gilloolys, not to mention the old hot bed of rock Springs :laughing:


Yes, oops… my bad :grimacing:
Let’s see if we can get this back on track-

I think that’s a cracking idea! :smiley:

In fact, I recently received an invitation to couch-surf at a friend’s home in Jo’burg. (He plays guitar too!). If I ever get the opportunity to take him up on his generous offer, I’d love to meet up and jam with you.


Or maybe we will get a duo from South Africa for one of the next open mics!

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Conveniently located on the west side of the East Rand, just 15 minutes from the OR Tambo International airport :grin:

Well David, you certainly have drawn a great deal of “friendly fire” :rofl:
As for Springs being the hot bed of rock - that comment brings back memories of bands like the Radio Rats (that must have been late '70s, early '80s). Areas such as Brakpan seemed to be more Country orientated.
Now, to get us back on track and to navigate our way out of the “Middle of Nowhere”:
Weekends would be perfect and once I know my dates as to when I’ll be back home, I will make some suggestions. Just a word of caution - I am an absolute beginner (but getting better), so an open mic spot … :thinking: this may take some time.

Gary, I’ve been a member of the Community 5 years, since discovering JustinGuitar. We have a lot of good-natured leg-pulling and and banter here, with folks like Brian and Toby.

Radio Rats were great and after them came James Phillips from Springs. I loved his band Cherry Faced Lurchers that I would see live at Jamesons on Commissioner Street in the late 80s while doing National Service.

Let me know when you’ll be back and we’ll make a plan. No worries about being a beginner, we’re all learning and I’m just a few extra years down the road.

I know South Africa is large and distances are great, but surely East Rand isn’t all that massive is it?



No Richard, it will be quite convenient to hook up. My ‘years down the road’ was a reference to the JustinGuitar road, not the R24 highway.

I’m surprised Brian didn’t jump all over that like stink on a :monkey:


Haha, I’m behaving myself @stitch :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am in Benoni too :grinning:

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