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I also take 1on1 in person lessons and I’m going to be off for a month so I ask my instructor to give me an assignment. The assignment is learning the 5 positions of the minor pentatonic scale. Front to back, up and down the neck. I guess I have been lazy with my left hand and had it wrapped around the back too far and the notes were note ringing out clearly. So I rotated my hand slightly towards the front and what a difference. Not only with the scales, but with songs. Much nicer and clearer. This has been on one of my acoustics which has a wider neck and and bigger strings. This afternoon I’ll how it effects the electric guitars. Thanks for listening.

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Hi Scott,
Since you didn’t ask a question I just give a comment.
Justin and many teachers with him say that it makes no sense to learn all the patterns at the same time … first be able to apply the first one completely, then the next one etc … and believe me that you will benefit the most from it that way and it will learned you things the most effectively.


Thank you Sir. Yes, I remember that lesson. This time around I did learn the 1st front to back with speed and alternate picking. Then the 2nd and now the 3rd. One day all 5. Also doing different things with them. I am not advocating that everyone do this, however since I’m retired and recovering from surgery I have the time.

Hey Scott,

Good luck on your assignment. A worthy one. Just to reiterate @roger_holland , go in with the mindset of learning the actual scale, not just the patterns/ shapes. The sound, the intervals, how the intervals funtion/ sound together. Do it this way and the patterns, (the 5 plus others besides), will essentialky reveal themselves.

Cheers, Shane


Absolutely. That’s what it’s all about. The whole package. The why. I’ve been too lazy and it’s the perfect time to start getting it together. Thanks.