Just bought the beginner book and

Using the Beginner Songbook, when a website lesson is referenced in the book, how do you search the lesson he is referring to?

Example: BC-121, etc. How would I find BC-121 on the website?


The books follow the old Beginner Course https://www.justinguitar.com/classes/beginner-guitar-course-classic you can find the lessons here.

I highly recommend you also look at the new Beginner Course.

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I am taking the online course you referenced - my specific question is how do you search the lessons as referenced in my above question.

Someone thought it was a good Idea to change all the lesson names. BC-121 would be lesson 1 of Beginner 2 https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/the-amin-chord-bc-121 then the next lesson should be BC-122 at the beginning of each lesson the lesson name shows up so you’ll know you’re on the right lesson.

The first number means Beginner the second number is the Stage the third number is the lesson
So Lesson BC-121 is grade 1 beginner 2 lesson 1
Hope that helps

gotcha, ok still doesn’t give an easy way to go to that lesson when referencing it from the book but I’ll flounder around to search. Thanks

It used to be really easy the video name was the lesson name. When the new website went on line whoever it was that loaded the old course on to the new site changed all the names to match how the new site is laid out. All that did was create a lot of confusion. Because all the names got changed the search on the website can’t find them.
All the videos in beginner 2 will start with BC-12X and when you get to beginner 3 all the videos will start with BC-13X

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You could always look at the YouTube playlist for the classic course which still has the codes https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCAAA4629624F20D8&feature=shared


That looks like a better method than my. :+1: :+1: