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Ringo’s real name is Richard Starky and he replace George Best as the drummer.

The Village People characters were: the Cop, the Constuction Worker, the Sailor, the Indian, the Cowboy, & the Biker. They all didn’t perform at the same time. They used to rotate altho the cop, construction worker and sailor were always part of the performance.

I was in the military when I was in Alaska. It was definitely different. I went from one extreme to the other - I was in El Paso Texas before I transferred to Anchorage, Alaska. I went from temps in the high 70s-80s to temps in the 40s & 50s.

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Have visited Texas a number of times. Back in the 60s and 70s. Enjoyed my visits there. It’s a place you have to see in person. Last visit was to San Antonio, got to see the Alamo and enjoyed the visit very much.

Pete Best. Not George.

And if you’ve ever heard an early Beatles recording with Best on drums, you know why they replaced him.

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U R right - I’m rong my bad

I have heard his solo album “Best of the Beatles” & I agree.

I was there in the late 60s. Didn’t get to see much of Tx other than EP.

I worked at the missile range in New Mexico. Rt. 54 between EP and Alamogordo, NM didn’t have a posted speed limit. I had a '65 Corvair Monza Spider and we would travel that road with the speedometer pinned.

EP wasn’t a bad place to live once U got used to the sand dust and the monthly monsoons.

We used to go across the border to Juarez a lot. Went to see a bull fight once. It was about as exciting as watching paint dry.

Be safe

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Haha, the Corvair brings back memories. Our family owned a Greenbriar van (same motor as corvair), it was a huge lemon. Still remember my mom swearing under her breath about it years later. My brother owned a corvair, I remember his had a stuck horn of all things on a first date with a young lady. I’ll guess he swore a bit about that.

They are worth heaps now.

Ah yes… The air cooled horizontal 6 cyl. Mine was one of the earlier versions with the 2 2-barrel carbs. Later models had the manifold with one 4-barrel -much better set up as I was constantly adjusting the carb linkage, so they were in synch. They also had a problem with the fan belt coming off. (I always carried a spare belt around). I also discovered that the easiest way to change the sparkplugs was to pull the rear motor mount pins and jack the rear of the car up so that the engine dropped down exposing the plugs. Altho U had to be careful not to jack it up to much or the axle shafts would slip out of the transmission housing - then U were really screwed.

Fond memories

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Good stuff. I like those sort of work arounds. Changing spark plugs and stuff. My first car was a Ford Fairlane that had an older 292 Y block V8 motor fitted. To change the plugs we had to cut holes in the inner fender with an oxy torch. Yeah, it was a tight fit.