Just checking mobile functionality (solved)

Checking out speech to text. Left the house in bright sunshine and it’s now lashing it down so this morning it’s a dog Drive not a dog walk. Speech to text seems to be working ok

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Adding picture from mobile phone doesn’t seem to be as easy as I thought it just says paste but does not paste the photograph I’ve just taken from the clipboard but it does paste a previous entry from another application.

So had to get link from Google Photos, so will see if that works.

Google Photos

Using Google Photos share option, it dud allow me to access the app and opened a new topic. Worth bearing in mind.

But app did not show as a sharable app on phone camera. Samsung A22 android 11

Ok so photo also truncated unless selected to see whole shot.

Sun’s out, off home for coffee

Shame there’s no upload option

Is that Mont-Saint-Michel?

It is indeed. Most mornings I walk the dog on the track that runs alongside the river, which enters the MsM estuary. We’re about 10km as the crow flies.

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Those are nice walks, I’m sure dog and man enjoy that :smiley:

The other side of the river is more open. I’ll try and find a photo !

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Toby and his dog are walking along the river and see a man standing on the other side.
Toby yells across to the man. How Do I Get To The Other Side.

The man scratches his head thinks for a minute and yells back.
You Are On The Other Side :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So that confirms you still have French in Canada ! :rofl:

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