Just finishing Grade 1. I want to learn blues and fingerpicking - should I start now?

I have just finished beginner grade 1 and busily concentrating on my strumming and chord changes. If I’m honest though I really prefer blues and fingerpicking. Should I have a go at the blues at this stage or continue with the strumming. Is it OK to mix it it. Thanks

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Simple answer… do whatever you like. It’s your guitar journey so you can take whatever direction you please. While it’s important to get the fundamentals down, there is no rule against exploring other areas that interest you at the same time.

I started on finger picking loooong before it cropped up in Justin’s course, and I’m glad I did because it’s great fun. :sunglasses:

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Have a go for sure! I got to somewhere in beginner 3 and got side tracked onto blues then delta blues/fingerpicking and now I am playing things like this


I’m also drawn to fingerstyle, and think Grade 1 is too early to fully depart into fingerstyle full time. There’s a lot of good material to learn in Grades 2 and 3 that will establish a strong foundation for you - if you are looking for recommendations I’d suggest continue working through the program while in parallel working on fingerstyle.

For example, when a new chord is introduced, learn it with a pick and also begin learning it using thumb for the bass (root note) and your index, middle and ring fingers to play the notes. And - pay attention to what makes up the chord and why…which string and frets? What interval is each (e.g. the root(s), 3rds, 5ths…). That will help big time later.

I would mix it, blues doesn’t just have to be picking, I think both is really necessary.


Thanks some great music your playing Rob

not the way I’m playing it it isnt ! :smiley:

bs it isn’t! well done.

That’s not me playing haha.

I should do some video, right now working on 4-5 pieces but don’t know by memory any of them so play through with the sheet music

OK So started ‘Walkin Easy Blues’ should I be able to get a clean note on top e string whilst holding down notes on 5th and 6th string. Its just my hand touches the top e string .Any tips please.

Yes every time you puck it.
Hold the neck of your guitar at more of an upward angle and sit up straight. Don’t look at your fingers.