Just juju? 🤔

Confession time.
I just came from JK’s thread on sloppy snarkiness, thinking I’m pretty lazy when it comes to tuning.
(I probably tune about once a week if there’s not much temperature changes.)
When I do tune, it’s usually with my Pod Go pedal, which has a line that moves up and down around the target note.
Now here’s the weird thing-
I can never leave it below the desired frequency, but am fine with, and often intentionally settle for ‘just a tad above’ the bullseye :open_mouth:
It’s as if I was filling the car with petrol or cutting myself a slice of cake…



Enjoy this rabbit hole:




I came across this yesterday, never thought of you could choose a different frequencies for equal-tempered scale (A4 = 440Hz, 442 Hz, 438 Hz… )


And below is the formula to calculate it


Screenshot 2023-10-21 182559

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Once a WEEK?!? I tune every time I play. Unless maybe I’ve tuned in the last couple of hours and picking the guitar up again. I find that with temperature changes where I live, my guitars will go sharp at some times of day and flat at others - it’s the neck adjusting. If weather is the same day to day and I play at the same time of day it will still be in tune, but I check anyway.

The snark is driving me nuts, I can hear it’s not in tune and the stoopid thing tells me it’s in tune. And then it will… eventually show me it’s out of tune. At least I’m getting better at tuning by ear because of it.

FWIW, sometimes I am OK with one dash above the bullseye as well. Sometimes…


Same, first thing I do whenever I pick up a guitar is to tune it.

As I haven’t picked any of them up for 3 months, they will be way out when I next play.

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These days I only tune if I can hear it’s out of tune, and with my ears, that’s not as often as it should be! I will tune if I’m recording, especially if there’s a capo involved.
Interestingly I err on the side of just a hair flat rather than just sharp (but I do aim for bang on), but I’m quite heavy handed so there’s a risk a fretted note goes noticeably sharp otherwise.


I presume that is just before you record an AVoYP and Perform at an OM. Just a little reminder to put up on your fridge:


Hi Brian,

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer:Bad Brian…about lesson one is every time you pick up your guitar

And not to much off topic ( i hope :smile: )
… we talked about this (or about some like this) once… a bit lazy, opening a new topic :laughing:
with @nzmetal Jeff …There was quite a bit of interest in there… but I think this is now becoming far too serious and you just want to emphasize that you have an OCD in this area…sigh :blush:


Briaaaaaan!!! Now I’ll give you my reasons why I tune all my instruments everytime I pick them up, maybe they’ll make you think and lead you on the right track :nerd_face:

  • I tune my Classical Guitar because it’s already a long process to build mental pictures of my loved melodies and to build a connection ear-fretboard: no need to make it any longer! :sweat_smile:
  • I tune my Uke with the children because it’s a good ear training lesson for all of us: I play the note on the Tuner App, we sing it, silence, I play the uke string and they have to say if the note is the same or needs to be adjusted so that the uke will sing joyfully :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • I tune my Acoustic Guitar because…oh man…my beginner playing is already bad enough to irritate my own ears :joy:

Hope I’ve been convincing you, though I must admit a little tiny bit sharper is better than a little tiny bit flatter!


They’re all the right notes, they’re just in a different order :rofl:



Hehe, I love the way some of you think I need to be persuaded that tuning up is a good idea (for all sorts of reasons) :rofl:
I did start the OP with the word ‘confession:roll_eyes:
It’s the fact that I would be happier with a little ‘more’ frequency that blows my mind…
As ever, nuggets come when called for and I did take a peek down @Majik’s rabbit hole, without venturing in, but

might make me change my tuning to a slightly lower freq, as I don’t beleive I have a light touch either.

Although I do not have OCD, I have had certain ‘quirks’ in the past; e.g. if I turned around 360 degrees, such as walking around the block or the kitchen table, I would have the urge to ‘unwind myself’ by rotating the opposite direction on the spot. (Only if no one was present of course :laughing:)
Knowing this was ridiculous, I never told anyone until I discovered my cousin did exactly the same :open_mouth:
Anyone else with weird guitar habits/superstitions? :laughing:


That’s so funny :joy: :rofl:, now I can’t get the visualisation of your unwinding efforts out of my head. I sit here on the sofa, grinning foolishly… :joy:.

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Oh gosh, not sure I should say, but a lot of times, in my younger days, if someone spoke, I would repeat what they said in my head then say it backwards, also in my head (something like that anyway, just tried it and I couldn’t do it). I just realized I haven’t done that in years! At least I broke the habit. I still have imaginary arguments in my head with certain people who I considered obtuse on certain subjects, I need to stop that, it just stresses me out because I know I’ll never “wine” if these happened in real life.

But if we’re confessing, I have to admit, I think I am worse than @brianlarsen about tuning. I don’t think I’ve checked in over a week. I do think I am getting better at being able to tell if it’s out of tune (it’s the 6th string fret buzz that’s driving me nuts!) I’m hoping that humidity thing is more for acoustics? Both my guitars (yup, just a little GAS so far) are electric.

I really need to figure out the buzzing, and no, there are no real luthier types anywhere near me so I’m pretty much on my own.

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Now, that’s a worry Brian. Here’s hoping your hygiene regime is more regular than that. Now go tune your guitar.

I share this pathology, but mine is the reverse. Go above that line, even by a % of a cent, and I start to sweat. I think it stems from my very early days of being heavy handed, and over sharpening notes. Plus, I reckon that looney tunes G string is always better slightly flat than sharp.

Cheers, Shane

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Electrics are definitely affected by humidity as well.

I owned a relatively inexpensive Strat many years ago, and every heating season the neck would shrink, and the ends of the frets would start to stick out. Usually had to adjust the truss rod as well, IIRC.

I don’t know if this is causing your buzzing problem…have you described the problem in another topic.

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I USED to do that but now I went to a tiny tad LOWER so I won’t sharp them too much when death gripping chordss while playign hard, fast AND singing :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting read, I feel like I’ve got some (scary?! :scream:) insights into the minds of you (equally) mad guitar folk! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So I tune only when I change strings… but I have an Evertune bridge on my (primary) guitars… so :man_shrugging: :laughing:

Although, when not using those guitars, I do tune each time I pick it up, and during whenever I feel it goes out of tune, which drives me nuts! :face_with_spiral_eyes: Hence why I was so keen on the Evertune :heart_eyes:

Brian, perhaps this is the way forward for you too?? :wink: :joy:


Would be nice to have strings never go out of tune! But isn’t bending & vibrato a bit… different?.. on evertune? Apparently it requires tweaking to do either etc? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9fukCz1PO4

So I guess there’s a tradeoff to never having to tune? Or is that not much of a hassle at all.


Not yet, I’ve not had any time to really investigate it. However, what I do know, is I bought it used and it sounded great in the store, but when I got home it was tuned to that double D thing I’ve heard about? And of course, I retuned it and that’s when the buzz became obvious. So, I think t shouldn’t be too hard to figure out…?