Just learnt the most difficult thing I encountered!

Hey everyone!

Was a slow WFH day today, had attempted to learn an old favourite “Wanted dead or alive” by Bon Jovi…the advanced version has so many challenging pieces but one in particular for me was stopping the strumming between chord changes for a bass note link and a hammer on… between the G and Cadd9 and Cadd9 and F.

I was ready to give up but I can finally do it today after going at it for around 2 hours!
Next is to get the twiddling around between the D and sus chords just right.

Quick progress update-Currently in consolidation at the end of grade 2… decided to extend it by a month and learn at least 20 songs of varying complexity. I guess new modules are also being added frequently to grade 3 so spending some more time will definitely be worth it. Had a lot of interruptions during this time but I think I finally have some clarity of the mind.

Hope you all are having a great week.



Wanted Dead or Alive is a great song to practice multiple skills and is best learnt in stages. Take each part and get it right before moving on to the next part. There is a lot to learn but the techniques learnt carry over to so many more songs. It a great song to use as a study piece.


Yes that is exactly right and even Justin mentions it’s a song to grow with.

That’s great @SloppyChords !

I often encounter ‘how the heck are you supposed to play that’ sections.
Satisfying when you get them down.

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Hah @liaty that’s what I will call them now :smiley: will maybe put in some expletives too in there :wink: