Just one old guitar track

Hi friends,
yesterday I accidentally stumbled upon my old instrumental track. I listened to it and could hardly believe that I was playing the guitar.
4 years ago there were times when I wanted to record just beautiful Music.
How our lives have changed since then, damn it!
P.S. I promise not to take out old mothballs tracks from the pantry anymore, this is the first and last time :crazy_face:
Keep on rocking,


Hi Leo,
That was wonderful :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:… no problem at all sharing that “old stuff” though… really nice to listen to, thanks for sharing …

That is beautiful. Great listen.

That sounds really beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Fabulous, Leo … production, playing, recording, and mix. I love the hard-rocking covers you do, but there is something extra special about acoustic guitar played so well.

Glad you decided to share this one. Quite happy for you to share others periodically.

So, sooooo good. Loved how you were switching between picking and strumming. Beautiful.

@roger_holland, @Willsie01, @Helen0609, @DavidP, @jkahn,
thank you guys for positive comments!
I really appreciate it,

That was superb Leo. I was totally lost in that piece, beautiful playing.

@SgtColon ,
thank you, Stefan, it’s nice to read this.
And Diego Blef Dragoni, the bassist from Smokey Fingers, agrees with you :slightly_smiling_face: There’s one out of 20 likes on the Sound Cloud - from him.
Keep on rocking,


I’m so glad you shared this piece of your past Leo. I’d love to hear more.

thank you Maggie for complimenting my past.
It’s always nice.
But we all have to move forward :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did you take the song off SC? I get this message:
Oops, we couldn’t find that track.


the track exists, I didn’t touch it.
hope all the same that you will be able to listen to it)

It works now Leo. Probably was an issue with SC… I will be back when I have my sound gear on board. I want to hear what you got going here.