Just popped over to forum

To see if there where any stragglers that needed a hand packing
up their stuff.
Nothin but tumble weeds


Lurking every now and then as well and seems like some sections are already getting a bit dusty! Good to see transition is going well, Lieven and others made sure this move will be smooth and they did it really well! :+1:

I’m doing the same, anybody posting there is going to get swamped by folk eager to help them over.

At this stage, the only person I am watching out for is Bytron. I haven’t seen him here nor has he posted again on his last AVOYP share since the Community went live.

I’ve just been over to the Forum. Strange. It’s like one of those sci-fi movies where they transport over into an old abandoned spaceship that they’ve found orbiting in space. Deserted, dusty, but with loads of information and discarded files and documents lying around. Spooky.

I keep dropping in and see the odd post, then tell folks to haul their butt over here :rofl:
Someone will need to mow the lawn soon !

Mike Sebastian I think is also MIA :frowning:

And Leo as well, Adrian, I think. Maybe we need to post in AVOYP on a regular basis which may lead to some people who were not daily visitors receiving a Forum notification for a new post in AVOYP, which is where Mike and Leo generally engage.

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I’m dropping a mail to Roman and Kevin, then Leo and Mike to give them a nudge. I was due to write this week with seasonal best wishes so will give them heads up that its safe to come in and they are being missed ! :sunglasses:

I went in to admin settings to view and sort all members by post count.
I sent a message to every single member with a post count over 300 and whose last visit was over 30 days ago.
I didn’t count but that was a lot of people I messaged.

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Is the User list here just a replication of the website or is it just those who have posted on the Discuss doofer in the past or signed up ? I started trawling through the list for old friends but its hoooomonguuuuus ! Was wondering how it worked as peeps could have crossed over but staying under the radar for now and not posting.



Not 100% sure Toby though I suspect it may be everyone who has ever signed up for the website.

OK thanks. I’ll see if I can use ctl F for peeps, then check their activity. Thinking Bala, Endureth for example and others who are awol. Mail sent to the other 4 suspects, see what comes back but Kevin’s been very quiet unless Maggie has had comms with him. Also no call went up for a Xmas collab but I think Bala and family have had lots of health issues. Will shake some trees, :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree: :christmas_tree:

Ctrl F works but none of those names are there, so could be they were only active on the Forum and not the website. Not seen bytron yet either, despite the nudge but that could be a timezone thing.
I’ll use the Kookaburra mailing list if I can find it and reach out that way and direct them to the banner on the “old” Forum. :sunglasses:

Good job, Richard, I was wondering if we could do such a thing … of course you did that.

I PMed Shadow from the forum PMs, as I saw he has been active in the last 24 hrs despite not posting for a while. Did the same to Matt125. I’ll cherry pick a few now and then and like David if there is a post up on Unread will nudge them in this direction. :sunglasses:

Hi @stitch good to have you here of course! :smiley:

A @stitch in time saves nine. :+1:
Welcome to the new thing.

Hi guys, I was picked up by Richard’s PM to those of us lost in the wilderness (thanks @Richard_close2u !)… Looks like lots of stuff happening while I’ve been AWOL again. The new community pages look great on an initial tour, I’m looking forward to having a bit of a mosey around. :smiley: :+1:


Good to hear from you again, Anna, glad Richard’s email found you, has brought you back home.

Hi Anna - good to see you. :slight_smile: