Just purchased Justin's Lessons and Songs App - Suggested use?

I just purchased Justin’s Lessons and Songs Apps. Is there a video or information page here regarding it’s suggested use?

I tend to prefer to use a computer due to my age (I have eye-sight issues and trembling fingers that make it difficult to use the Android phone), but I also live in a country where the electricity is ‘on-again/off-again.’ When the power goes down (like it did when I was practicing yesterday) and I lose Internet access, my mobile data connection will still work which means the Lessons and Songs app will continue to work.

Anyway, I’m wondering if there are suggestions for the app’s use on this site or within the app itself?


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That’s great Daniel - I’m sure you’ll love it.
Check this page:

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Read your mail - find useful information. :wink:

Well coolio!

The app has the rhythm for Comfortably Numb (what I’m currently working on in my Developer category) and includes the strum pattern! :smiley: :guitar: Shows the chords, shows how to play them in case you don’t know! With a video no less - Nifty!

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Some computers and operating systems support Android emulation…for example, I believe Windows 11 does.

If you provide details on what your computer setup is, others may be able to help.


Interesting suggestion. I’ll have to play around with that. I run Linux but I also run Windows in a virtual machine sandbox just to play with ideas like this. I had 24 years in IT before retiring, so I can probably figure it out. :wink: But yeah - good idea. I’ll play with that tomorrow. Thanks! :+1: :guitar:

Hello Daniel.

Welcome to the forum - yet an other Linux user here :wave::smiley:. I have not tried it out myself yet but there seem to be different possibilities to run Android apps on Linux. With your long standing experience in IT I’m sure you will find a way! :+1:

A different method - the app also runs on Android tablets. I just tested it. So in case you own such a device you could take advantage of using the tablet screen. And should the electricity go off you could still use the mobile data connection from your phone via tethering.

Off-topic: you seem to be very active in this forum, which is great to see. A tip, I would recommend writing a bit about yourself in the Introduct Yourself section so that people get to know your background a little better and to give them the chance to welcome you.

Good luck and lots of fun furtheron on your guitar journey and here in the forum! :guitar:

All the best,

I’m a little ADHD in some remote corner of my brain and get side-tracked easily.
Doing the “Intro” is on my list, along with a whole lot of other stuff. This is my current “list” online:

I’ll have to add a “Setup Your Intro Page and Post Videos,” and see if I can remember to do that too. :smiley: I’m sure I’ll get around too it.



Another emulator is BlueStacks (free) Someone recommended it on this website in another chat. It’s great to see a larger screen for the learning modules.