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So i just bought my first acoustic guitar and I downloaded the app but justins lessons are using an electric guitar …i was told by many that you choose somewhere what type guitar you have and what songs or genre you like to help make the process more fun …i cant find those options anywhere …Am i missing something ?..Thank you

Hey welcome!

Justin uses both, I’d say the majority early on is acoustic.

Really doesn’t matter at the start

Welcome, Allen! Glad you are here and starting. You can play almost everything on an acoustic and certainly learn everything you need on one. You can worry about whether you want to play around with electric guitars later. I don’t think anything Justin presents requires one or the other for quite a while if ever. They are all guitars, they just have their own strengths. I only play steel string acoustic and nylon classical anymore, spent too much running down an electric rabbit hole when it wasn’t what I really wanted to do.

At the beginning you don’t really need to worry about what type of music you a want to play, other than it is more fun to learn at least a few songs you like. But there are a lot of songs, some you don’t know you will like yet.

Hi Allan @Aunkster, welcome to the community! You can do Justin’s lessons on an acoustic or an electric guitar. I have both, but for lessons (I’m finishing grade 2) I find myself favoring the acoustic for my daily playing - it’s just easier to pick it up and play, and focus strictly on playing. You can play any of the songs in the beginner lesson on acoustic.

The biggest thing to consider is having your guitar (whatever type you play) properly set up. Many of us beginners put very light strings on our acoustic guitars - “10s”. Forgive me if you already know this…your guitar probably came 12s. Your guitar may require some adjusting if you change to a lighter string (you’ll hear terms like “action” and “truss rod”) but if you have a good guitar shop near you they can do this for you at a pretty low cost. It’s SO worth doing - a properly set up guitar is much easier to play, and we beginners have enough challenges without having to fight the guitar!

While you’re here…maybe take a minute to introduce yourself to the community. This is a welcoming, helpful place!

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I wasn’t worrying I know I want acoustic , I wasn’t sure if Justin using an electric to teach would hinder me in anyway … I’m. New at this so I am unsure .

I am going to store tomorrow to get lighter strings . I don’t know 10s but that’s good to know … do they need to be or should they be coated and how do I know if action needs lowered ?

I don’t think there is a “should” on whether you should get coated strings. I use coated strings because they seem to last longer, and the wound strings make less noise. This is one of those things that you’ll form your own opinions about over time. If you can talk with a guitar tech or luthier at the store, explain that you’re a beginning guitar player and ask what they would recommend. That goes for the action too. It’s best to take your guitar with you so they can have a look at it and give you better information.

While you’re there, if you don’t have a variety of picks yet, you might get some! Justin recommends very light picks starting out - I think the Dunlop Nylon .38. Picks are cheap - I’d get a few - the next heavier sizes are .46, .50, and .60 I think. They’re under $1 each - get one of each!

Welcome to the Community Allan.

Despite which “tool” Justin uses in any particular video lesson, acoustic or electric work fine, so just enjoy the ride. GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) will most likely kick in at some stage, it rarely doesn’t, and you can explore options.

The only time this “could” be an issues is when you reach intermediate level. Full tone bends on acoustic are almost impossible and and fingerstyle on electrics needs lots of string muting. But you’ll likely have at least 2 guitars before you hit those problems. :rofl:

Justin has several apps - I’m assuming you mean the Songs and Lessons App.

I think you have been mis-informed…there is no such setting. In fact there are no settings at all in the App that I could find.

As others have already said, in the beginner stages - Grade 1 especially - it doesn’t really matter whether you are playing acoustic or electric. Justin is teaching the foundations of guitar playing, which work for both.

As a complete beginner I think I’d go for coated strings as they are supposed to last longer. The sound of the strings is not likely to be your biggest issue in the opening few months! (People who prefer uncoated strings do so because they prefer the tone of the strings I think). Whether the strings are coated or not won’t be the difference between your playing sounding good or bad
As a beginner I had electric and acoustic guitars available to me but I’ve played about 98% acoustic over the first year and continue to do so. There’s plenty of Justin’s course that is well suited to acoustic, particularly at beginner level.

Is the song and lessons app the one i need ?

Do i need a different app or just his songs and lessons

Hey Allan, You’re just starting, and the Songs and Lessons app has what you need now. It’s really nice to have the lessons in the app. The app especially great for playing along with songs as a beginner - you can slow them down as you learn to play them.

That said, I found that supplementing the app lessons with the corresponding website written content was really helpful. I think there is some content on the web that is not in the app (of course - it’s much easier to add content to a website than to an app!). And sometimes the content is presented just differently enough to make something click for me. For reference, here’s the web page for Beginner Grade 1. You’ll see there is a Module 0 with some helpful beginner tips. Another fun part of the website: Justin’s left-handed alter-ego Nitsuj completed the beginner course. It can be really reassuring to watch recordings of his practice sessions!

Of course, we all learn differently. Make sure you choose the approach that works best for you. And don’t be in a hurry. :smiling_face:

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Hi Allan, welcome to the JG community
You don’t actually need the app at all, all the lessons are on the Justinguitar.com website, and on the website the lessons have, in addition to the video lessons, text with summaries of the lessons, chord diagrams, hints & tips etc, whereas on the app you just get the video. I’ve never used the app, but I understand that what it is good for is learning songs, the consensus seems to be that it’s a great resource for Grade 1 and possibly Grade 2

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Thank you ,this is all so confusing

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Allan, can you specify what is confusing? :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m making wild guesses, but I see that you have received lots of input from really knowledgeable community people, who genuinely want to help. But I can also see how information overload can be confusing at first.

Why not start from here? You have the App, you have your acoustic. Take your phone, visit the app and start from there :slightly_smiling_face: The app is structured in a fantastic way and it will guide you through the first steps. I have used it last summer, I know how good it is :slightly_smiling_face:

Just give it a try and soon things wi not be feeling as confusing anymore :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey Allan @Aunkster, I fear I may have contributed to your confusion. Ian @theoldman66 is absolutely correct - you don’t need any apps. In response to what you wrote originally:

I jumped to the conclusion that you had the Lessons and Songs app. When I said that’s what you “need”, I really meant that it is a good app to have. Kind of like “needing” coffee in the morning - it’s a great help, but you’d probably survive without it. :rofl:

I brought up strings and a guitar setup because you’re just starting out and want to have fun. Many of us beginners don’t realize how helpful having a comfortable instrument can be, and don’t know these few small things can help with that. If you haven’t yet, it’s worth reviewing the Before You Begin: Guitar Basics information on Justin’s website. (I don’t think this info is in the app, but I could be mistaken.) It might help orient you.

My apologies if I made things worse for you! Of course, the best remedy is: keep asking questions here. As you see, there are many good people here wanting to share.

Some are saying use the Webb they have more info ,others say use the app

Yup. And I say: use both!

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Both are nice, but the app has all you need for the first two years, probably. Keep it simple, use the app at first. As you get a better grip on it, you can decide what else to do.

A fundamental benefit of the Justin Guitar program, app or/and web, is how well structured it is at the beginning all the way through more advanced learning. Just follow the course and don’t go too fast.

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