Just the two of us (fingerstile arrangement)

Hi guys,

After a felt eternity, I am at last reunited with my Strat. Also, I was able to inaugurate my new Mighty Plug Pro, with a lot of new features and sounds!

I still have go get used to all the new settings for my tone… so sorry if its a bad one! The Tabs and Arrangement is from a guy called “The bearded guitarist” (click!). So, it’s not mine, I just gave a it a little twist.

I hope you enjoy!

As always, I am thankful for any suggestions :slight_smile:


That was awesome Kevin. Played really well and with a lot of feel. Tone was great too.

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Beautiful chords, and the tone of your Strat is so lovely!!!
Very nicely done.

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Very cool! Beautiful tone and playing! :clap: :star_struck:

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Great playing!
As an aside, I also love your playing space - the ceilings, bricks, and windows :heart_eyes:

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Wow that was super nice! This piece is so chill, sounds like it wants to be played live at a trendy pub or cafe on the weekend.

Looked like some tricky/stretchy shapes on the fret hand there. I liked the percussive slaps.

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Thanks everybody, that is so nice of you.
the arrangement was really nice, after hearing it I knew that I had to learn it. :smile:

I needed like a hundred takes though, I can’t pull it off that clean in real life :see_no_evil:


Smooth like butter :clap: sounding great and a lovely tone for the song :v:

Very soulful playing - so enjoyable :blush:.
Thanks a lot for sharing this treat :hugs:.

excellent playing there, good tone and feel, thanks for sharing. :smiley:

Thanks guys! :smile:
Really glad I now have a new toy to try new sounds out.

I can’t wait to do Justin’s course for the different effects to learn them. :star_struck:

Sounded great, shame it was so short.

Please not! I would have needed even more takes! :laughing:

That was some sweet playing and sound as well. Impressive stuff Kevin. I agree with @skinnyt Trevor, far too short.

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Wow, that was beautiful! Nicely played and a good tone.

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Awsome Kevin!! :raised_hands:t2:
Very very pleasing to listen to. Bring on some more!!!

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Lovely…great great job.


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Thank you so much guys, what a lovely community! :smile: