Just thought I'd post a pic of

Being new to the site also, and as others have done I just thought I’d post a pic of she whom is keeping me company through the lessons. My lovely Takamine P3 that I bought just before the pandemic.

Interesting that I had originally gone to the guitar store convinced that I was going to purchase either a Guild or a Taylor, but after auditioning quite a few different makes and models of guitar in the store - and a few that were much MUCH more expensive than this one, this one stood out to my ear as the best of the bunch.


Nice Stephen :+1:

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Awesome looking guitar Stephen. Similar experience to me in that I walked out of the shop without the one I was expecting to!

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That is a lovely looking guitar Stephen. Nice stove as well. :+1:

How are you finding the body is doing without a pickguard on there?

Thanks. Yes if I get too frustrated with the guitar at least I’ll be able to heat the living room with it’s remains in the stove :slight_smile:

No issues re the lack of pickguard in terms of scratching, but I do give the body a quick rub off with a damp’ish cloth once a week.

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Nice guitar!

I played Martins, Taylors, etc, but chose a Takemine acoustic over them as well. Perfoect combination of tonal richness and affordability.



Thanks for posting, nice looking guitar. I’ve got an epiphone acoustic that sounds equal to or better than the many Taylors I’ve played including the two that I’ve owned.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about no pick guard, this is my Takamine which is 24 years old :+1:


you can fit clear pick guards that are barely noticeable if you are worried anyhow

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gorgeous looking guitar