Justin a MetalHead?

Surfing today & came across this…


Rock on, Justin!!!



As a non metalhead (closest I get to metal is admiring the metal projects my wife welds up) this was most enjoyable. The riffs sure do have some appeal … metal in micro doses does it for me.

Thanks for sharing.

:love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture: he does rock! Not my favourite genre but a rocking performance always gives vibes, no matter the genre!

That was absolutely fun to watch and wonderful to listen to, these guy`s are all fantastic :sunglasses:. I found the best here Paul David, that really stood out, yes i know, all the best things comes from the Netherlands :roll_eyes: :smile:

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Not the genre of music I listen to but that was a really great video. A uke bass Justin! :metal:

:sunglasses: :love_you_gesture:
That was fun! Thanks!

I’m in agreement with @DavidP on this… small doses are good as Metal definitely isn’t my go to genre! Gotta say though that I usually find something to enjoy in just about any kind of music :musical_score: & these riffs are lots of fun, especially considering who is playing them!
I’m interested in what some of the “metal” guys & gals here in the Community (like @nzmetal ) have to say???
Keep it fun boys & girls!!!


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Trouble is like all music there are always different shades.

To me, because I was around at the time and not locked into pseudo lets name this 20 years later sub species ie UTubbas, Metal evolved from Hard Rock circa 78 and that was with groups like Maiden, Saxon etal. Sabbath and Purple was just hard rock, Well that what we called them back then. That was later called Heavy Metal and a leap up from heavy rock. But by the late 80s and into the 90s “Metal” went into the sub genre route of Thrash and Death and what I call Shite Vocals Down Right Growly Nonsense. If I can’t hear what you are saying, please move on!

So you need to be very specific when relating to the numerous shades that are “now” badges as Metal, back in the day.

Youngsters like to reinvent the wheel and provide you with the same wheel.
Buyer beware,



Hi Tod, great share mate! I have been meaning to comment on this but the past few days have got away on me! :laughing: I do recall watching this when Paul posted it (love his channel! I’m sure Justin won’t mind me saying :wink: ) but great to watch it again.

Cracked me up when Paul said “is there a Canadian metal band???” How long have you got! :rofl:
(for reference :wink: )

Good to see Justin contributing to this. Thought his riff was rad (great production too and so classic that he used a uke for bass! :joy:). I felt it had shades of Queens of the Stone Age to me, which is really more rock than metal, but… :man_shrugging: :rofl:

…[side bar] Interestingly, it was Justin’s metal song tutorials that I originally discovered him through, specifically his one for Metallica’s Seek & Destroy which I found on YouTube in the late 00s and used as my means of learning that song (the first Metallica song I learned in fact). So, as he says, he was in to a lot of Metallica back in the day but seems that was the extent of his dive into the genre, however I won’t hold that against him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Shame I didn’t make it to Justin’s website and this community back then, I’m sure I would be a much more proficient player now if I had :thinking:

Back the video, IMHO I didn’t really feel that any of these came across as having an overly metal vibe to me, maybe a bit but could also easily sit in non-metal genres, but kind of splitting hairs I guess. I thought Chris Buck’s riff was super cool with a that stoner/doom vibe, but the best riff that sounded metal to me was by Paul Davids when he was messing around at 13m49s (which, oddly, 1349 is the name of a Norwegian black metal band - named after the date the black plague came to Norway apparently - but I’m sure that coincidence was unintentional :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

Thanks again for sharing this! Such a cool vid, love seeing these UTubbas (love that Toby! :rofl:) collaborating like this! More please! :sunglasses: :+1:


Man man Toby and Jeff,
Patatos patetos or something :laughing:
can you guys just simply say…wow that’s good… :rofl:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Aw now come on Rogier, you know maintaining the clear boundaries between genres, especially metal genres, is a critically important matter that needs to be voraciously defended in forums with never ending debates on the subtleties of what music/band/song/album/riff/etc sits where :wink:


Okeeee you are right :pensive: