Justin Guitar App and Android tablets

Will the Justin Guitar App run on android tablets?

Yes it does work on most recent Android tablets.

If you already have the tablet, you can test the app without subscription. The first videos and the first 20 seconds of songs are available for free users. That would show you if it works well or not on your device before subscribing.

PS : If the tablet is from Amazon Fire brand, it may use the Amazon App Store instead of the Google App Store, which make it more complicated to install the app.

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Works just fine on a Samsung Tab A

I Have a really old Android tablet and it will not run on that as the version is too old. I just checked on google play store and you need version 7.0 or later.

This is a reply from musopia.

The app supports devices with Android OS higher than Android 7.0.


The lowest requirements for using the iOS App are:

  • iPhone 6S (2015)
  • iPad (5th generation, 2017)
  • iPad mini (4th generation, 2015)
  • iPad Air (2nd generation, 2014)
  • iPad Pro (2015)
  • iOS 12.0 or newer OS
  • The app is not optimized for Google Chromebook, Windows PC or Apple MacBook.

Well, that answers my question about whether it would run on my windows laptop, Phone screens are so small!

yes, on hearing this I brought last model IPad, glad I did, not a day passed that I havent used for guitar practice EXCEPT for rest days.

@LunaRocket not sure how old your windows laptop is but I run the app on my PC using "BlueStacks " android imitator --works great

not sure how old your windows laptop is but I run the app on my PC using "BlueStacks " android imitator --works great

Thanks, I may give that a try, this laptop is only a couple years old but because it has only one of those solid state drives it doesn’t have as much storage space as I’d like. But yesterday my husband took my phone to his 32" smart screen TV and using something on my phone called Smart View, got the Justin Guitar freebie lesson up on it, so, assuming I can repeat that after getting the app, I may be okay. :smiley:

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I would like to hear more about “BlueStacks”. What is it? How is it added to my PC, etc.? I have a fairly new Lenova laptop.

@LarryatJC Bluestacks is a piece of software that I installed on my PC . It can emulate Android apps to run on PC
I use it exclusively on my Windows PC so that I can sit in front of it and play along with Justins app.

Thank you. I would like to sit in front of computer and play Justin’s apps. But, consider me techically challenged. I have an IPhone where, I assume, the Guitar App (an app for IPhone) will be installed. If I download and install Bluestacks on my PC, how do the two communicate?
Thanks again for any suggestions you can provide.

Will the guitar app work on an iMac?

@RobertLeClair, Depends on the iMac. If it’s a recent one with Apple’s own M-chip, then yes, it will. If it’s an older one with an Intel-chip, it won’t. Maybe there are workarounds for Macs with Intel chips like there are for Android/PC, but I have no knowledge about that.

Looks like I’ll have to load the Google Play store. I just got the most recent fire 10 and though the Amazon App shows the App, when I click on it to download, all it seems to have is thumbnails of various lessons.

I’ll update this post if I’m succesful.

Is it still working for you? I just tried launching it in BlueStacks 5 which it had been working in recently but now I get stuck on the Musopia loading screen. I’ve got old man eyesight and using the phone for song practice in the app isn’t going to cut it.

@PapaTango Yup just tried it and is working fine ==its always a little slow to load at first.