Justin Guitar Community app for iPhone

Hey all,

I just made the switch from Android to iPhone (still wondering why I did but…) and I can’t find the community app in the app store. I had the app on my Android but can’t find it for iPhone. Is it not available in the US? If there is one, can you please drop a link so I can download it?


This is the main lesson app. I’m not aware of a Community app for iOS

Yeah, I don’t know what the deal is on the community app. I got it on my Android tablet (I’m using it now) but could never find it again for my phone. It’s not on Google Play.

Joe @frito
Not come across an app for apple devices, I just signed up on line.

Thanks all. Guess I’ll just log in via a browser on the phone.

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I don’t believe there’s a community app for iOS or Android.

The community web site is a “progressive web application.” Basically that means it’s not really an “app” like those that are distributed through app stores, it’s just a web page that can take on the characteristics of an app when visited from a modern mobile device with a modern browser.

If you’re not aware of what’s going on “under the hood,” it’s very easy to mistake an “installed” PWA for a native app.

Typically you can browse to a web site which is a PWA using your mobile browser, and then there should be an option to “install” it to the Desktop (or some similar terminology, like “Add to Home Screen”). Once you’ve done this, it will have a icon like a regular app (although it may also have a tiny browser icon along with the main icon), it will display full-screen without the browser menu, toolbar, etc., and it will look and feel very similar to a native mobile app. But it’s still just a web page.

I don’t have an iOS device handy to verify, but there are some instructions to install a PWA on iOS in this article. (Hopefully still up-to-date and relevant…)

PWAs on iOS seem to have a few limitations (compared to those on Android). But they should still work fine for many use cases.


Okay, but at some point I was given the chance to install the PWA on my Android tablet, and don’t know how to do it again on my Android phone.

Eureka! I found out how. Open the community in Chrome. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select “add to home screen.” Done. It will then appear as an app.


Same for me, somehow I got it installed on my tablet, but didn’t find it for the phone later. Can’t remember wherefrom I made the download? Do you remember, if it was while registering for the website? Was there maybe an option to get a direct link for the community on the desktop? Would be helpful to have it on the phone too.

See my post directly above yours for directions on how to do it.

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:wave: :wave: :wave: Thanks! I’ll try that on my phone…

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Excellent thanks IOS install perfect