Justin guitar in war time

More than a month ago started a war in my country, a brutal one with too many young people dying in both sides of the border. The news about the war got me in a moment of practice with Justin Guitar lesson and since than playing the guitar is the only thing to keep my head in one piece.
If I had to choose one song it would be Imagine from John Lennon, as I believe in each and every word in this song. Now I live in the exact opposite, learning music is what keeps me going and believing that one day…
I am beginner but would love to play with others, so if someone in Israel is willing to play together let me know. I’m 60, loves blues, beginner but guitar enthusiasts.
I would like to thanks Justin for this beautiful project which is like oxygen for me this days.
I wish peace for the Middle East and a better world full of music for all of us.


Hi Meron,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun and distraction from all the bad things,

Actually, I don`t know wars that aren’t brutal.

Greetings,Rogier :dove:


Welcome, Meron, I am glad guitar is helping you. I can’t imagine what you and everyone else is going through over there. I hope for it to end soon. Take care.

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If everyone would listen to John Lennon, maybe there wouldn’t be wars. Imagine is so fitting for the wars we have in this world today.

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Welcome Meron. Imagine is a fitting song for the current times.

Welcome Meron. Music is a powerful median I am glad it is bringing you some solace and also learning the guitar with Justin. Best of luck on your journey.

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I feel for you brother.
I lived in Beirut till the civil war in '74.
I lived in Ireland during the ‘troubles’.

Life during Wartime, even just for the dancing :laughing:


Meron, words fail me, but you said it all right there.
Welcome, I hope this community can bring you some warmth in the midst of everything.


Welcome to the forum Meron. Stay safe keep playing

Meron, welcome to the community forum. It is wonderful that you have found playing guitar helps you in this troubled time. I hope you find many songs that ease your mind and your heart.

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Welcome to the group Meron.


A warm welcome to the community Meron :hugs:
Music sure is powerful! I’m so glad you have JustinGuitar and I hope you find someone in Israel to play together with
Wishing love and peace to you and the Middle East :sunflower:

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Welcome to the community! I feel very sorry for all people suffering from war woldwide. Music is one of the few things that mankind has in common and I hope music and being part of the community will bring at least a tiny little bit of relief and brightness into your life :tulip:. Take care!

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And living in England when Brexit happened !
Please don’t move and live next door to me…

Have you ever heard of ‘I don’t look for problems, problems find me’ ???


Hi Meron,
Hope you and your family stay safe and hopefully the madness will be resolved quickly.
Take care,

Welcome to the community, Meron!

I don’t have any words for the horrible situation you and so many other are in currently. So it’s good to hear that music and learning guitar give you at least a little bit of peace of mind each day. That’s the power of music. Keep my fingers crossed it will coninuously help you and rather sooner than later the people in middle east can live in peace again. It could be such a wonderful world without those wars going on…

Stay safe and take care, Maron! All the best.

Cheers - Lisa


Hello Meron :slightly_smiling_face:

A very warm welcome to the forum :hugs:

Great that you are here, and I wish that music will bring some distraction and happiness to you in these dark and sad times :sunflower:
Hoping that all this madness around you will come to an end very soon and wishing you, your family and the people on both sides of the border love and peace :peace_symbol: :blue_heart:

Take care, be safe and don’t forget that there still are so many good things in the world - like music :musical_note: :notes:

Enjoy playing your guitar and your musical journey … and I hope that you find a jam buddy soon.

All the very best from Germany
Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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Hello and welcome to our community Meron. :slight_smile:

I hope you find a jam buddy.

Shalom, chaver. I feel you. Bruce