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Hi, I have subscribed to the Lessons and Songs App but am not exactly what I have subscribed to: For example, right now I see Beginner grades 1,2,3. It does not go beyond that as far as I can tell. When I complete these beginner grades do I just stop subscribing to this app and use the intermediate and advanced lessons on the web site or does the App automatically load the intermediate grades when the beginner ones are complete?

Thanks, Don

The main purpose of the App and what you are really paying for are the songs. The songs aren’t available on the website in the play along format on the app.

The lessons on the app are the same as the free ones on the website and personally I preferred doing the lessons on the website rather than the app as you have the written summary underneath on the website. If you finish grade 3 before your year’s subscription is up you have either played before or you are spending several hours a day every day learning guitar!

The songs are really at beginner level, by the time you reach intermediate grade you probably won’t want or need to use the songs app.

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I’d echo what has been said above. I have the songs app and the main thing you get is the songs, which are licensed, to play along to that scroll with the suggested chords.

As a beginner I’ve found this very useful because I’ve had enough on my plate trying to keep rhythm and do my chord changes without having to try to fit them to real recordings. Once I’ve figured them out in the app I then try them against the real recordings. Over time as I get more experienced then maybe I’ll be able to jump straight to playing along with the original recording but I’m not there yet. It probably depends where you are on your guitar journey whether you need the app or not. Maybe you can listen to music and instinctively play along which I can’t do just yet

Hello @Dtatarelli . Odds are you will be practicing alot to get through grade 3 unless you are really good already. Even if you are, I would suggest going through from the beginning to the end. There are alot of exercises, tips and the like that are excellent solid foundations. Very important to have the foundations down solid. I have been playing for many years. Then I found Justin’s teaching ways and found out I needed to relearn alot!! Consolidating grade 2 now after over a year practicing and playing. Breezed through grade 1, grade 2 is taking work. Almost consolidated. Just starting to watch and take on grade 3 stuff now! I practice easily 14 hours a week plus another 10 just playing songs. My main point is, it takes time to get through it all, depending on how much you practice. I figure I will not have the beginners app for much longer as I am now surpassing the easy and heading to the harder. I rarely use it now. Just listen to the actual song and play along.

P.s. The intermediate and higher courses can be found on his website. The app is designed for beginners. Intermediate you shouldn’t need his app. Heck, like I said, I barely use it anymore. JustinGuitar.com.

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